Nuffnang CPUV : Clinique Sonic System

Hello friends , have you ever heard of

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush?

I bet you were . How could you never heard of this amazing from products from Clinique ?

Wonder what this item is and what for ?
I guess you should read a review from this great blogger. 

It is very good for cleansing and refreshing your face.
Now you can enjoy a smooth skin texture like a velvet.
A lot of people are recommending this for your daily face wash!

This is a review I pick randomlyfrom clinique website.

My skin on my face never felt so clean 

I am 40 years old with combination oily skin. I also suffered for quite sometimes from the white head on my face. I have been looking for cleansing brush for sometimes as per my friend’s advised. There are so many brands, but I fall into Clinique. I was so excited when I tried it on for the first time and they give you the mild face soap to go with it. My skin on my face never felt so clean and seen so glowy before! At night before sleep, after I use the cleansing brush, I put on the corrector serum then the moisturizer on my face and I put the moisture surge thirst relief on my neck. I woke up with healthy, glowy and supple skin on my face. In the morning, I do the same with the serum, moisturizer and I put even better skin tone corrector lotion spectrum SPF 20 (for the sun as well as some dark spots on my face), then my make-up. Sometimes I don’t need a make-up at all! And guess what? I haven’t seen any white heads on my face since I started using the cleansing brush. It really cleans your pore yet so gentle. Oh I wish I had this long time ago! Thank you Clinique! xooxYes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

For your information , this is my latest CPUV from Nuffnang for this month . I try to write a little bit review about it to practice my skill of writing. 
Apart from that , I really utterly want to improve my English command. So I guess blogging is  very good medium apart making money from it ;)

By the way , Thank you Nuffnang. 

Back to school

Hello everybody ! My holiday has come to an end. I have two weeks off and I have wasted it quite well. Yes, my holiday is quite a waste but I don't regret it even a second.

 Why regretting the past. We only live once.

 Why am I regretting my holidays?
 Because my holiday supposed to be my great revision week for the upcoming professional final exam in April next year(2015) . and I shall revise all the subjects completely according to senior experiences.

 Obviously I failed. I studied a little bit, "a bit" as it sounds.

 I'm going back to my rent house at Ipoh by bus tomorrow and before that I plan to go shopping with my mom first. A very sureal way to finish my remaining holidays.

 Plus, I can't wait to go back to Ipoh, because I want to buy something new there.. something that I really wanted to have a long long long time ago ! but still doubting about it,should I bought it or not.

I'm afraid to buy it too, because I dont know how to take a good care of expensive things. My gold necklace, gold earing, gold rings,new camera, they're all missing.I don't remember where I place them.

Very good habit,right? Don't you think so?

 and I was also wondering,if I buy ''that thing'', would it be worthfull?

My November Hijabs

A S S A L A M U A L A I K U M 

Well it already late November !

I only come to realize when I just bought two pieces of wide shawls at one time that I'd shopping a lot of hijabs last month (October).
I really suffer from financial lost and I hate that !
I name it my November HIJAB because I gonna wear it all in this month :)

Got so many unevitable debt around me. hihi
Just a few ringgit LOL . but done paying it back.
People also debting with me.
Well it is not an issue right now.

In this post , I would like to share some of the hijabs that I have bought last month. Yes because I feel a little bit free to review each of them.
I'm not only going to display the photos of the hijab , but I'll also include the link of the shop where I'd purchase them if you keen to know  ;')

I have been looking for this pattern long long long time! Actually I've  found a lot of floral wideshawls from a lot of shop but because I won't buy it if it more than RM15 so I just ingore that.
But this floral wideshawl just costs RM 10.  $$ WORTH buying

This is Hot Pink Plain Wideshawl and was only RM10 too. Actually I expected the pink is way a little bit more striking but it come out to be more soft,. But, It okay,I kinda love this color too.

Both from @Elscarves  (instagram)

Is it beautiful ? In this case ,you have to say 'yes'  because this is expensive ! ;)
RM25 for one piece , but not regret buying it because it is a high quality pashmina . Would show you how it turn out when I wear it later.

Bought from My friend

Bawal saree murah @fromsa_ (instagram)

and yes ! I love this bawal saree ! Damn good color and the design is kinda rare. Notice the fish design on it ? what a coincidence because I wore this to Sunway Lagoon a few weeks ago! The blue indicates water , sea , theme park ,teheee

Why I say murah? Coz it was really cheap, RM20 only excludes postage.

I only purchased 6 hijabs for a month but I already thought I've bought so many. ;p
The other two were only plain black bawal and one more I can't remember it while writing this post.

Could you imagine what it would turn out if we add different vibrant shawl into this outfit?
Grey-ish skirt with knitted white jumper,
I kinda love it, because it looks simple but expressive , bold to add something up to your head.
Gonna go with this inspired outfit later , ! :D

Oh ya! that lacey flat shoe ! I'm dying to have it , found one at NOSE shop but it is too expensive to me. (RM69.90)
Gonna ask mom to buy it for me . hehehh

Thank you for reading , blog u later ! :D