Cabaran 30 hari : 5 lagu cinta kegemaran anda

Day 8 : 5 lagu cinta kegemaran anda

Wow. I am basically a loser I guess.
Failed to carry out this 30 challenge everyday. :(

But It's okay It's alright .
At least at last, I did it. 
Better late than never. 

Here are the list 

1. Cinta Mekar di Hati

2. You Belong with Me

3. My heart will go on

4. Ma boy

5. Listen

I love to sing a lot of songs so I guess that are my favourite but all of these are randomly cross my mind right now :)

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Cabaran 30 hari : Sejauh mana pendidikan itu penting bagi anda

Day7 : Sejauh mana pendidikan itu penting bagi anda

I have 3 more challenges to complete so my day challenge would be same with other.
I am really sorry because I am slow at updating the challenge,it's look like my own challenge that I can do anything I want. No ! It's not like that.

As for me , education is extremely important because of a few reasons .

First , it is for a bright future for everyone. The one who can utilise the knowledge that he or she learn will success one day and I can guarantee that the person will not even one second regretting the past that he or she struggle so much to learn .

Apart from that , as a Muslim, we should explore the world and the nature . It is our responsibilities to handle and taken care of.
The nature is given for us to utilise, appreciate and learn. Even first surah that was recited to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w was Iqra'. ''Bacalah''

Knowledge is wide. It is not necessarily Biology,Mathematics or Chemsitry.It could be cooking,driving and other practical knowledge !

I couldn't imagine what happen if everyone not look the education as a vital matter.
That's all :)


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Cabaran 30 hari | Buku kegemaran

Day 4: buku kegemaran

Well, when I read the title, I'm not sure what I'm going write,because to be honest,I am absolutely not a bookworm and not a person who read books or novels unless for study (for sake of pass in the exam). ;p

But I'll try my best to think what I had read for a few years back.

Not a joke, but
It's Doraemon!!!

Yeaaaah!! Doraemon. A fat blue cute cat with advance electronic gadget in his pocket.

Suddenly, I miss Doraemon, so childish, but so indulge with comics. I once felt like I was in another world.

This is the only book that I can call as my favourite apart from academic books ;p

I never read a novel, neither in English nor Malay. That's the reason why I can't find my favourite books.
I find it difficult to finish 300 pages book.(but I have to train myself to read novel,-just for my english and writing skills.insyallah.

weeeeee, terasa kebudak budakkan habis !

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Cabaran 30 hari : Apa yang anda makan hari ini

Apa yang anda makan hari ini

Just a simple answer isn't it?

in the morning,I ate a bread with the butter and sugar smear onto it.

Then I just have a candy during the class.

In the afternoon, I ate nasi+ikan keli goreng+air asam with plain water.

then i just have one piece of keropok in the evening.

I feel very fit and hungry today as I only eat little food ;( I dont like the kind of irritating feeling in my stomach..

but... as the night comes.
I ate everything that I could until I was about to vomit! seriously! ..I feel regret of eating so much ;( All ruggaes in my stomach strecthed !

What I ate were
Moon cake
Cheese cake
Chocolate cake
Marble cake
Limau Bali
Kueyteaw Sup + extra daging
Teh ais

source : uncle google.

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