Can you see my blogbuster videos ?

Hello guys !
I am super excited to make this post, . Actually I have something else to do , like review products that have a deadline , or , do my assignment , or even study , make mindmaps and all stuff because exam is around the corner , but obviously now , I'm spending my time blogging about blogbuster to share my enormous excitement !

First of all , I received email from Nuffnang a few days ago stated that my video has been approved ! I am so excited and so happy , I never been happier , so I open my laptop and check the blogbuster tab in Nuffnang website . One of my video has been approved ! yeay !! so I quickly open my blog to check either it is appearing or not , sadly , there is no single video or even advertisement appear  so I was quite dissapointed as the email said that the video ws displaying from 8 dec 2014 but that time it was already 14th Dec something like that. As I am a nerve wrecking type , so I send a ticket to Nuffnang , asking why the video is not appear bla bla bla .

Then I wait , until today ! Again , Nuffnang send me an email stated that my other video has been approved and it will be displayed starting 18 Dec , yes , today.. Again , I am quite excited and open my blog immediately to check the video .

and ............. its playing !! I am superrrrr happy ! and for now , I have a money crisis. ;p
and.............. now , I am only thinking of huge traffics ! How and what I gonna do to get a congested traffic to my blog ?

I even submitted one more ticket to Nuffnang today , asking some more question as I have sooo many doubt. I'm gonna share with you the answer to my question later. (Hope this may help for those who keen to know)

For your information , I have submitted five (5) videos to Nuffnang , as it is limited to five videos so I think I ought to grasp all the oppurtunity. Because I read so many reviews and experiences before this that actually blogbuster campaign is a money machine . weheeee . So yeah , as this time , the task is quite simple plus I have friends to help so why not to give it a try . The things I need to do are be a little bit brave and open minded to ask friends' help and act in the videos :)

So, yeah , I did it , I even submitted a video of my mom as an actress ,.kiki. I ask my mom's help ,
I even hope all my videos will be approved so you guy can watch different video every time you come here .

Have you watch it ? What do you feel ? Am I way too far to be an actress ? hehe
Want to watch more ? Be sure to always come to my blog :D 

Korang ada hantar video blogbuster untuk kali ni? Dah di approve ke belum?
Cepat cepat check website nuffnang. Mana tahu ada rezeki kan !.
Jangan lupa tengok video anis tu ye,replay la banyak banyak sampai puas tengok video 10 saat .
Macehhh hihi. ;)

K babe until here ,

Much kisses,

♥ Circle lens review :Super Barbie Eyes Puffy in Green

Assalamualaikum and hello everyoneヾ( ゚∀゚) .I am excited to make this post as I want to become more serious in blogging. This contact lens was sent to me by contact_lens_barbie for review purpose but all of my opinions is are 100% honest. Thank you so much contact_lens_barbie.

Let's get started! 
The circle lens I received is the intruguing Barbie Puffy 3 tones in green and I was quite suprise because I don't like big contact lens. But the design that she showed to me before I get it was really adorable and amazing.Thus, I am super excited to receive it though it is big. 

After I give my address to her,right day after that,the postage was made! It was super fast! I don't think you need to worry contact_lens_barbie  service because it is so convenient and she is so lovely.

This is the packaging that they use.
And tadaa ! 

The Barbie Lens (Big)

I got it in 0.00 degree for both eye because they said that they only have 0.00 degree at the moment but nevermind because I love the design so much.

I can't wait to put those lens in my eyes and see what it can do. Turn me to zombie? Or..... Barbie 

Now let's go deep into this lens.

Item detailsWeight: 0 kg, 100 gramsStock: Stock availableDiameter : 16.5mmWater Content : 45%Base Curve : 8.6mmLife Span : 1 year disposal (3 months recommended)

This is how it looks on me :D Selfie attack xxxxxxxxxxx

close up

Color ✰ 4/5
The color of this contact lens is green. I know that many people do not have the gut to try other than black,grey or brown.but i think it is cute and playfull when you wear other decent colours like green itself. Do not be afraid of green because it wont alienated you but gives you an amazing yet sexy and alluring look. I would suggest this color for this contact lens as it looks unusual and unique. Besides, when i look my picture wearing this contact lens, i think of feline ~ miaowww

Design  ✰ 4/5
The contact lens has three tones which are thin dark emerald green ring at the outer edge, inner to it, it has a mixture of transparent and light green (this is the thickest layer) and last but least the innermost layer of yellow and black shade of ring. It is a very unique and stunning design. I really love it bits !

Enlargement 5/5
Totally enlarged my eyes and I love it! I don't prefer large circle lens actually as I'' afraid of other people afraid of it. But for this lens,it somewhat gives a natural look and not look like it going to pop out of my eyes anytime.

Comfort  ✰ 3.5/5
First two three minutes,it wasn't comfortable as I stop wearing contact lens for years. So i think my eyes try to get used to it and after that it was super comfortable. However,sometimes I noticed that I can see a little bit of the design when i move my pupils to certain direction. Maybe it is due to the big size but still comfortable since it only occur if do it.(play around with my pupil, i dont know how to explain it :,( )

Overall Rating 
I am totally satisfied  with this contact lens except it was 0.00 degree so I can't wear it outside as I need to see far thing. But I still can wear it if I want to be a little bit pretty outside. ;)

Where you can buy?

Fb account : Suhana AtanFb page :pemborong contact lens RM10Instagram : contact_lens_barbieWhatsapp : 0122023419

So, till here only. 
What do you girls think about this contact lens? Does it fit your taste?

Leave a comment in the comment section box below if have any doubt and I'll get back to it!

Thank you for reading!