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10 Places To Visit at Ooty, Tamil Nadu (India)

February 18, 2017

Because I am basically Indian residence for almost 2 years already, I got to explore more places in India.  Last holiday, me and my friends went to Tamil Nadu to discover interesting places at Ooty. Here are top 10 places you need to visit if ever you go there. 

1. Doddabetta Peak 

2. Botanical Gardens 

3. Avalanche Lake

4. Ooty Entertaiment

5. Pykara river 

  6. Ooty lake

7. Rose Gardens 
8. Tea Garden & Factory
9. Chocolate Factory
10. Shooting point


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    1. bila tengok balik sebab mamajue cakap mcm tu , rasa seram jugakk hahhaa

  2. I'm only here for the pictures. Glad you put lots of it!

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