Full Guide to Dubai on New Year's Eve

February 14, 2017

Never in my life even the slightest acquaintance to imagine myself being in Dubai, the richest and the most luxurious Muslim country in the world. How was that even possible? Dubai has a variety of iconic and exciting places for you to visit and a lot of rich people for you to wink hehe >.<.
These are some of my Tips for Dubai Trip based on 2 days trip. Hopefully, it is useful :)

I went there using Omar Air. It was 20 000 rupees which cost about 1300 return ticket, but my colleagues booked early so they got only RM1000 return. but mine was on the New Year's Eve.

If you are going at a peak season (New year, CNY, Raya), I do recommend for you to book your hotel early and always confirm with the hotel or the house owner. My experience, we got the hotel canceled even though we already paid for 2nights and we booked the hotel through Airbnb.com. You can also book through Booking.com. The hotel accommodation can be quite pricey, so prepare about RM100-RM250 per night for peak season.

No need to worry at all because they are all halal. Arabian KEBAB is must have food. Cheap yet the salad is so fresh!

Good news is we can use our debit card to buy anything inside Dubai Mall especially at Sephora. whoop whoop! Dubai Mall has everything you ever want ! And luckily during my trip, there was HUGEEEE SALE.

Easy! Use train to everywhere you want to go. But sometimes you need to walk for miles away. Use taxi instead if you couldn't bear the calf pain >.<

These are 30 random tips that I can think and share with you. 
  1. Keep yourself busy in flight as mine it took almost 6 hours including transit 1 hour *I brought English novel
  2. Book your accommodation early 
  3. Book flight ticket early as from India to Dubai it can only cost RM1000 return ticket
  4. Buy Metro transport one day pass instead of every station which cost 22Dirham
  5. 1 Dirham was around RM1.20 
  6. Bring a mineral water and wear thin clothes because Dubai could be hot
  7. Have a sunglasses to protect your eyes during the hot day around Dubai (it could help protect from the sand too at the desert)
  8. Keep your metro card safe at one place because you are going to use this everywhere
  9. I recommend bringing a rucksack/carry bag
  10. Have earphones in case you are boring inside the train
  11. Try Arabian kebab *only 6 Dirham
  12. Wear a stocking when you go to Desert Safari
  13. Don't forget to take a selfie with camel, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab. coz I forgot;(
  14. Go to Day by Day Supermarket for the affordable souvenir
  15. Bring your travel diary if you want to keep track of every journey
  16. For Muslim, you can pray at Bastakiya mosque during your trips
  17. you can take boat taxi at Al Jaddaf
  18. Dubai mall closes at 1 AM so. 
  19. Dubai Sephora has Huda Cosmetics, Nars, Anastasia, so.
  20. For new year's eve, the Dubai/Burj Khalifa Metro station close as early as 9 pm 
  21. You have to walk miles away from the next station before or after Dubai Mall station
  22. Wear proper shoes because if you take public transport you need to work out those legs
  23. Buy to the Top of Burj Khalifa tickets early, buying it online is recommended.
  24. A trip to the top of Burj Khalifa cost you 120 Dirham.
  25. There are mosques near the Burj Al Arab as well
  26. Don't forget to go to souk and Al Medinah
  27. Stay in front of Burj Khalifa during new year, not side or back because you can't see the countdown, big Dubai flag, their minister, and other incredible projections
  28. Go to Dubai with your best travel partner
  29. Don't keep too much Dubai coins with your because some money exchanger don't want coins
  30. Experience a night camp at the desert if go to Dubai. 
  31. BUY ME A SOUVENIR OKAY? hehe joking.
I hope this entry helps you in any way. Bookmark this page if you plan to go there, tau tau . 

Much love, 


  1. Bestnyaa... useful entry . Dalam wishlist Nadia jugak nie nak visit Dubai one fine day =)

    1. thank you Nadiah ! haa nanti dah pergi , cerita kat blog tau :D

  2. Boleh jadi panduan nih kalau claudy pergi Dubai sendiri. Though, i stayed there for months back then, yet know nothing because too young to realized? I mean claudy tak peduli surrounding claudy back then haha.
    Btw, I changed my url name, and here's my new url http://claudiasrj.blogspot.com/

    1. hhahaha. I pon pernah jadi kes macam ni .ikutkan banyak tempat parent bawak melancong, tapi too young to realized anything. thank you for informing claudia.

  3. this is oh so useful, Anis! can't imagine myself being in Dubai or living in Dubai one fine day haha! BTW you're so pretty in that pic xx

    1. awww thank you Lenne ! hope it can benefit you in any way hehe

  4. Supposed to go to Dubai last year to celebrate NYE just like you but something came up so.. what a bummer because Dubai is in top 5 of my go-to list.

    One question, does the night camp at the desert includes any other activities? Because I found this one package of one-day activity that includes sand dunes + all you can eat dinner and live performances in the middle of the desert + return shuttle from/to hotel only for $90, and if you're lucky they also have hot air balloon.

    I don't really follow blog that often but yours are lovely to read over and over again, sincerely, your new follower ❤️

    1. this comment LEGIT MADE MY DAY ! thank you so much dear . I appreciate to bits.

      about the camp, yes, it includes all the activities. meaning you will do the activities at the evening then camping in the night. regarding the hot air balloon I am really sure about it.

  5. rasa nak pergi dubai je bila baca guide.
    harap satu hari nanti boleh jejak dubai :D

  6. You made Dubai sound so can-be-true-kind-of-dream. I was looking for the picture with Burj Khalifa. Pity you didnt get it but if you actually forget, it must be because you were having so much fun.

  7. Anys,
    Thank u for the 30 random tips.

  8. I hv bookmarked this page.


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