♥ Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Series Review ☆

August 5, 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello Lovelies  (≧◡≦) . So today i would to review my new skin care product which is ♥ Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Series . I've heard about hada labo for quite long time before they features in television . I saw a  lot of satisfied users in you tube and i feel like just wanna give a try one day .

I still remember how i start to try Hado Labo . I found the gokujyun lotion miniature at Watson . and the price is quite cheaper than I thought . If mistaken it just around RM7 . so ! without wasting more time I just bought it as fast as lightning  ^_^ . First try , i notice some small acne at my face . but I am not sure what causes the acne . Maybe the cleanser or maybe it is my skin problem or maybe I have allergy . not really sure and I am still not figure it out yet .But it is gokujyun .

Back to my review (shirojyun) ;p , I am actually just bought the trial pack.few days ago.. Well, I am running out of my face cleanser and I just try my luck looking for face cleanser that would not give me any break out and whiten my face at the same time so my face doesnt look dull . 
And obviously , ♥ Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Series does win my heart . 
 I cant wait to try it . 

 What It claims ?
Arbutin fights dark spots and even your skin
Hyaluronic Acid moist your skin all day long
and Vit. C heal your skin, gives the natural radiance from the within.
NO colorant, fragrance, mineral oil and alcohol

And I just try it few days ago(of course) .Right after bought it.At the evening.
Bad news! It break me out !! I have many big acne at Day 3 . OUCH ! Eid is getting nearer . I cannot celebrating my Eid with big acne at my nose and forehead ! T_T
I've read many reviews before, and some people having break out after using the lotion and it is difference for some people which they said that Hado Labo Lotion is amazing .!

How can this happened ?
 I read a lot to figure this thing out . 
and these are what I was found .

  • she is having breakout . maybe because it is not suitable with the weather . 
  • she said , after applying the lotion , please do not stay under the sun because the arbutin content would outbreak your skin . she recommended to use the lotion at night with right amount and right application :D
Well , I accept both thought . And now I am trying to just use the Arbutin Whitening Lotion just at night :D
But basically , most people said the whitening is barely seen . 
For me , I think Hado Labo best to keep your skin moisturize,supple and smooth . 
♔ Like ♔
moisturize the face
easily to apply espcially for muslim after the prayers
simple step require just pat
simple but nice packaging
the miniature is super handy 

♔ Dislike ♔ 
break out my skin
whitening effect barely seen
Repurchase :  NO
Where to : Guardian, Watson or any retails pharmacy
The trial pack , I only bought it for RM19.90 at Watson :D



  1. sy penah bca, bl kt ada jerawat xleh pkai any whitening products..tu akn wt jerawat lg byk..

    1. wah , bahaya tu. thank you for sharing dear shu

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  3. Auchh cepat buang pimples tu! Tapi boleh snap pictures using Camera360 and cover the pimples. Hee
    Selamat hari raya! ;)

    1. eeyahh! betul tu , camera360 kan ada , no worries lah . hehe

  4. pernah pakai memang bagus...tapi kena teruskan pakai.....hehehhee

    1. ya , bagus untuk lembabkan , pakai berterusan mesti best

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  6. Hye Assalammualaikum saya bw sini :)
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  7. nak cuba lah nanti.hehehe

    selamat hari raya tuan blog.. maaf zahir dan batin. lama tak singgah ke sini :)

    1. cuba , jangan tak cuba . hehe ,. selamat hari raya juga , agak laaa

  8. Takut nak cuba benda-benda yang baru ni... But I'm glad, you managed to prevent acnes from coming back.


    1. betul tu , tapi sebab tengok review semua mengancam , so give it a try juga . yes I did ^___^

  9. Salam kenal....hadalabo yang dijual di malaysia made in japan atau made in china?
    Sebab saya awal bulan akan ke JB dan berencana mau beli Hadalabo

    1. salam kenal . maaf lambat . made in Japan :)

  10. Pernah tengok produk ni kat Watsons, tapi niat nak beli tu dibiarkan begitu je sebab takut tengok harganya. Hehehe :D

    Selalunya apa2 produk yg kita baru pakai ni, mmg akan ada negative effects sikit utk seminggu or minggu ke2 kita pakai. after that ia akan kembali normal, if the product suits us :)

    1. tu pon nasib baik la anis ambil yang trial pack je . hehe
      kan .. tapi anis takut untuk continue

  11. Baru terjumpa post ni dan rasa mcm nk share pengalaman.
    I have tried hada labo before. The first bottle was great. My skin tone became more even and fairer but to be honest, before that, i had never, i really mean it, never had any skin break outs. I got really excited because of the nice effects on my skin. But halfway through the second bottle, my skin started to have acnes and became oily. Those huge zits freaked me out. So i stopped using it and switched to another product. My skin got better afterwards but it took a long time to recover. I think, malaysia's climate is not suitable to use hada labo. But if you are staying in air conditioned room 24/7, then it might work for you. It does work, but only in certain condition.

    1. Hi Miszlana , thank you for sharing . I totally agree with you , maybe because of the Malaysia's climate that was not suitable to our skin when we use the hada labo products then it caused break out. For those who want to try Hada Labo moisturiser , you must check the weather of your place first. :)

  12. klik link ni. http://peruserpaid.com/?ref=43217

  13. klik link ni. http://peruserpaid.com/?ref=43217

  14. Haa .. memang tengah guna hada labo jenis nie pun. best.. sebab senang pakai, :) meh jemput singgah blog join GA


  15. hai saya ada set hada labo biru yang nak di lepaskan . Baru pakai 2 hari . Nak lepas kan sebb ia tak sesuai dengan kulit saya memandangkan saya memang allergic :( :( kalau naksy bagi harga rm50 sahaja + pos rm10 (harga asal rm140 - 3 brg)- pencuci, toner dan krim. boleh whatsapp jika berminat 0172598280 - azira. siapa ada masalah kulit mcm saya pun boleh whatsapp hehe

  16. Sekarang ni sis pakai produk apa?
    garnier light tu sesuai tak untuk kulit org malaysia?

  17. watson ni kat malaysia kah?

  18. watson ni company kah?


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