Ladies Watch : How to Style it

February 25, 2017

Watches can be really stylish if you know how to pair them with your outfits. It’s a really trendy accessory to own especially for the ladies who are into fashion and style. But if you own a watch and have no idea how to wear it, that’s too bad because it will be a waste. 

But that's okay because in today’s post we’ll get an inspiration about how to style ladies watches and hopefully you’ll find this post useful and be able to wear top watches stylishly.

This one is really easy. All you need is an elegant timeless watch with a leather strap. Choose a watch with bigger “face” diameter but not too big if you have small wrists. This simple style is best for work and important meetings. It is classic yet really fashionable. You don’t have to put too many things on for this to work. Instead, choose a striking bold outfit to pair with this simple watch.

This one is especially for the fashionistas who like to take outfit of the day photos. Layer watches with matching metal bands and bracelets. For a style like this, you need a metal type watch. Look for stainless steel or gold plated watch bands. Depending on the thickness of the watch, you might want to layer different size of bracelets. Thick band watches match thin bracelets and thin band watches pair best with chunky thick bracelets.

Last but not least , watches don’t have to be just round. The ladies watch can also be square or rectangle or even oval. It is all up to our personal preferences.  For more mature woman, this style works very well. You can wear this to work, to important events and meetings or even for everyday wear. You can also layer with bracelets and rings when you want the outfit to be more fancy. 

Overall, a different shape of watch can totally change your fashion game. It is just that I always forget to wear my watch when I go the hospital but I am trying to make sure that I put the watch at the most seen and accessible place so I can grab it before I go out.   Now that you know how to style watches, you can start looking for watches and wear them fashionably!

What’s your favourite watch style? 


  1. It has been a while since I last wear any watches :D hehe. I should wear it again now

    1. yes you should! i also want to wear watch more hehee

  2. Nice post! Which reminds me that I also need to get one soon. Haven't worn one in years!

    1. hey you should get one ! it would be really good :D

  3. Replies
    1. I love leather strap as well ! especially the one with big face diameter.

  4. Oh oh, i love watches. i hv one watch hand made by dedegumo of japan.


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