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How To Start A Blog and Actually Make Money Online

February 10, 2020

There are so many guides out there on how to start a blog. If you are interested in writing and blogging, nothing going to stop you there.
Ten years back, there were only a few ways you can make money online which is only through sponsorship and advertisements.
In 2020, the opportunity to start a blog, make money and live the life that you dream is limitless.

Here is a simple guidea and steps on how to start a blog and I will elaborate more on how to make money.

Step 1. Choose a profitable blog topic
Step 2. Choose the perfect blog name
Step 3. Choose your platform and build your website
Step 4. Style your blog !
Step 5. Publish your first viral post!
Step 6. Establish your social media strategy especially on Pinterest!

Here is how to make money through your blog

1. Sponsorship post .
If your blog is SEO friendly, your blog is most likely to get founded by brands and here when you can get sponsors for your blog post. Basically, the process are, the brand found your website/blog through related topic/niche > they contact you through email > discussion with the brand on delivery date, contents and the payment > publish your sponsored post and get paid.
I have done a couple of sponsorship posts, sometimes the brand will provide you the post , in this case, we have to change the writing style to fit ours but still deliver the same content.

2. Advertisement
I am aware of the fact that I want to encourage you to write and start your own profitable blog, however, income through advertisement is freaking hard. I have started my blog since 2010 and I just get a couple of bucks, Youtube will give you way better income in term of views even though both are from Adsense, I also use Nuffnang , an Asian Advertiser before this but I do not use it anymore for a couple of reasons.

3. Digital products 
This is my most favourite ways of making income through blogging. Digital products include ebooks, creative artworks, online courses, etc. I know a lot of bloggers who have their own ebook and online courses which had generated 5-6 figures a month. Having said that, I didn't even have generated any income through this method yet since I don't have one. Even though this is the most profitable way to make money online through blogging but it is a kinda long and tedious process. However, with the right guidance and right exposure, I believe you can start your own digital products business too.

That's it for this entry. It is short and precise because I want to get my blog post up and running. Such a long time hasn't updated this blog. Who is still blogging in 2020?
comment down below, I'll hit you back. 


  1. nice one :) i need to start committing myself to my blog again :)


  2. skrg ramai dh x pakai blog nih., huhuhu
    fb n instagram lagi fofuler., ;p

  3. Welcome back Anys! Glad to see you xx

    lenne | blog


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