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My first MC leave after 4 months as a houseman

February 15, 2020

hey guys today I have emergency leave or aka MC leave because I am I was not feeling well and I feel like I want to rest because before this I was not well but then I was unable to take a day off because I feel scared. so I kept working even though was sneezing all day and my body feels very hot and I feel very tired I just keep working. Scared requesting a leave? does it feel childish? I don't think it is childish but it is just a burn out from a toxic working environment (this is even worse) and hey I am 25 this year ok but I still feel like I am childish enough to be working like this.

anyway, there's a friend of mine that when I asked how to get MC to leave coz there's a day I was not feeling well and I want to know how is the process to the day off. and then my friends told me,

 ''even though you are not well and you had MC leave, it does not mean it going to be approved. ''

so because of this, I never requested one. but when days passed by, my other friends can get MC or EL. so I just wondered how they did that.

and this morning I did feel not well, I was having a sore throat, headache and warm body so why should I force myself to work and I've never taking MC to leave before in this posting thus I immediately made my mind that I want to take MC. and when we want to take EL/MC leave we need to text to 3 people plus group PN who assigned review today.

Even though, i woke up at 5 but I did not dare to text my boss and I was thinking maybe I should go just go to work and ignore my health, but I was being very firm this morning because even though I go to work but then if I was not able to do my work well, what's the purpose of going to work right? I dont want other colleague to express dissatisfaction and kinds of stuff
thus i did text all of my superiors at 5:45 a.m.

I waited for their reply but I haven't received any of them reply and lastly, I fell asleep when I woke up my boss told me that if you are sick you need to take MC, not emergency leave. Then I told her I am going to the clinic in the morning and I did went to the clinic

my temperature was 37.8 Celcius, heart rate was 101 beats/min and my blood pressure was 127/80.
and because I told them I had diarrhea too since last night they suspected me having Dengue with a warning sign and want to take my blood. and of course, I refused it! and was discharged with medication.

today I was resting the whole day. I watch Netflix, eat on the bed and fell asleep. My sore throat has not been better. I have a sore throat all day!

I want to get productive but it's really difficult for me to be productive nowadays after work.
especially when I feel like to I should rest instead of hustling because the next day going to be a very long day working. coz if you are not aware yet,

did u know a houseman works 16 hours/24hours a day?
and sometimes I feel overwhelmed because I have so many things in the back of my mind that i want to do but I was reluctant and resisted to do due to the same reason.

anyway, the moral story here, if you are going to be a houseman or you are a houseman, you should know that you have the right to take leave if you don't feel well.

Do not self-sabotage.

 Take my word.

coz I always try my best and try so hard even though I'm not feeling well to go to work and I know for a fact that it was not good for my physical and mental health.

so having said that, I am in pediatric posting right now I can't wait to finish this posting off. I still have one more week to go. 

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