My cat was missing !

Hye, its me again. I told you I want a little bit of ME TIME in my blog, like let just put the beauty and travel things aside first because I miss telling about personal life and share it with the world in my own blog. Anyway, thank you so much for supporting that lovelies. I don't know why, my hand kind of stiffen these days just work out my fancy keyboard and at least write something or anything would entertain me and you. 

I don't know how to start but I have bad days. I was worried. I was guttered. I was angry and finally cried. I worried about Snowy and angry to myself because I didn't take care of Snowy that much. I LOVE SNOWY and at the same time, I want her to have her little freedom or something. I want my cat to get all things that she could have.
Let me tell you from the beginning. 
Last two nights, I was watching youtube and do some stuffs. I was worried about my case presentation that was supposed to be on the next day. I want to do my best for the case presentation and to score is to prepare, because I am shi* at spontaneous. However, I didn't know what case I want to present and I was clueless. So my mind was totally hay wired. This thing didn't bother me that much. Just to warm up the story :D

My room got a balcony and I always open the door to let the fresh air in. Snowy was very active at that night. She legit running up from my balcony to the bed and then ran to the balcony back. My housemate was in my room talking to me. She lied on my bed and we talked that Snowy was very active. 

And then, my friend came and give me some food. I was out of my house door and we talk for a bit. but I was, sure enough, Snowy was not even came passed through the door. After that, I came in inside the house and continue gossiping with my housemate about the shawls that we want to purchase together and stuffs. Not too long my housemate already want to sleep and she asked me where's Snowy?  

Like in a blink of an eye, Snowy gone silent and disappear. I wondered where was she but I still positive that she maybe inside the house. I looked Snowy around the house and she was not even in my room, living room, and kitchen. I was very curious so I looked outside of my house door because if she was out, she wouldn't be far. I live in an apartment , so she usually goes and sniffs the ground first before start sniffing my neighbourhood door very slowly. She never went directly to the lift and the stairs.  I was convinced she was not even out because it was impossible. 

I was still positive that she maybe was in my housemate room. She sometimes loves to go to their room - lepak lepak. I don't want to interrupt my housemate because they already sleeping and I knew Snowy would come back to my room in the morning because somehow she needs to eat and peeing or littering. 

On the next day, the first thing that I think was 'why I don't hear Snowy voice today?'. Because every single morning she would cry either to went out from my room or to came in. I was used to it though I would be grateful if she slept with me not begging to go out. I started to seriously worried. I woke up quite early because I need to take a the case and present it to the doctor. But I went to the Hospital really late, searching for Snowy first all over the apartment. 

I went to every blocks, every basement, and even rooftop. I did ask other cat too, how silly was that but I was desperate !!  I told the cleaner staffs and guards too, if they saw Snowy please please tell me or just take her. I cried while looking for her because I want her back . I want her ! I know she cannot survive being outside. She never met other cat and stayed outside. I was afraid they would bullied her because she was just a shy teeny innocent kitten. 

AAAAAAAAAAhh . me so stressed. 
I came back from college and still looking for Snowy everywhere. All over the garden. Even followed other cat as if they will take me to Snowy.  I came back home with disappointment. I went for a nap and woke up then make 'LOST CAT posters'. I hope the apartment residents will help me to find Snowy by hook or by crook. 
Then after Magrib, I went every of my neighbour's houses in my block asked if Snowy accidently get into their house. I need their help if they saw Snowy too. Hmmp, sadly, no one saw her.  One of my neighbours said keep searching because they afraid someone going to take her and sell it because they can earn quite a lot of money since she is a Persian cat. The tears started to fill up my eyes once I heard that comment because neighbourhood knows how their people would probably react better than me. but I really hope, the residents won't do it because I know they are nice people.

Again , I was back at home. I couldn't resist but feeling so miserable. I wanted to contact my sister because she would know my feeling the best coz she has a great affection to cats as well. She own 3 of them. but her WhatsApp was not even double tick, so I called my dad. I cried while saying hello , while asking about his health and what he was doing at that time . Clearly my dad knows when her daughter was crying. He asked me about what happened. He even trying to console and give me advice. He convinced me my cat will come home. I am that kind of girl that would cry under the pillow or the blanket , but this time I cried SO HARD  which I rarely did. RARELY. 

I began to pasrah. I hope of all the things that people told would come true that Snowy will come back home . She will. I was still gloomy that night. Slept in sorrow. I don't even have mood to smile or be on the internet. 


  1. Was she an approachable one? I used to lost one on new year, and luckily, she's not an approachable one and we were convinced by the residence that she had died and her body had been thrown away by the local cleaner.. but somehow, after 2 months, we found her back under the car.. Hopefully Snowy could find her way back soon...

  2. i hope Snowy come back to you! sedihnya :((((

  3. omg anis! this is so devastating to read. hopefully she will come back to you. oh poor thing, she's so cute :(

  4. Can't imagine how it would feel if my cat die one day, but missing without a trace is worse! Hope she'll be okay and come back home to you :((

  5. Hopefully Snowy will be back soon. Aminn.

  6. Kesiannya. Kucing parsi lagi tu. Harap-harap dia pandai balik ke rumah semula.

    -Diari Mummy Muhaimin-

  7. Snowy ngado ngado nak ngawan lettew

  8. I have cats too, and I'm a cat lover as well. I know how was it feel when you lost your cat, its like you have lost a family. May you found her soon.