Where have I been ?

January 29, 2017

I know I know, I am so lazy apart from had an exam for the past 2 weeks and sent my laptop for repair, I legit cannot do anything. I don't know why and what syndrome has attacked me for way 2-3 weeks? or even month? I seriously demotivated in blogging and stuff. I am quite sad and disappointed because it is there in my 2017 new resolution to level up my blogging game and youtube thingy. Good things here are I was consistently uploading videos in my youtube channel (p/s I posted every week now) and I just got my body sweats this evening. I feel so good and hopefully and I can continue exercising until I get the body that I want. Everything needs hard work, aren't they? 

Before I continue blogging like normally I did for the past 1 month, I just want to do a quick update on where my life going to head.

I think I need to put normal blogger archive at the sidebar because that's what usually make me feel motivated to blog. I don't quite like seeing my archive empty. I want it to be filled at least 4-5 posts in a month? I don't know but I do want to blog more even 1-2 posts, I will be grateful enough. 

A slip of life update
I got to say this but I will update little bits and bobs about my boring life in one of the post each month because I do love personal blogging way better than beauty and stuff but still, I love the beauty that much, I just love talking about my life better. 

What you will read more in my blog
My next up planned posts are my Dubai experiences and itinerary, beauty reviews and life updates. Something like this,  but I hope you guys would enjoying it. I apologize if it will be just a short blogpost but  I'll make sure it will be helpful to all of you. Insyallah. 

Writing again, Bye !

How's your week lovelies ?


  1. I would love to read your personal life.. Looking forward for a bit of reborn of your blog.. :D

    1. aww thank you so much Flavnesz. would love to read yours too.

  2. Siqah pun sama. Semangat blogging dah berkurang. Nak siapkan each post pun ambil masa lama. But still I'm trying :)

    Siqah tak subscribe lagi your youtube channel. Will do it ya :)

    I love personal and life update posts! Looking forward to your updates anys <3

    1. kann . I think i need to motivate myself balik . thank you Siqah for subscribing.

  3. I would love to read your life story 😊 I am taking a week off (maybe more) on blogging bcs my weekend is fully booked with events. But don't worry i still will read your post

    XX Atheera | http://atheeradayana.com XX

    1. thank you dayana . Selesaikan your events first , and then I can't wait to read yours.

  4. I tend to look at my archive too for at least once a week post to be there

    I loove reading personal posts, idk why but it's just my favourite so I'm up for such posts from you ;)

  5. wahhhh, cant wait for the next entry. :)
    hope to hear ur experience about dubai and more soon :D

  6. samalah, nurrul pun dah slow update belogg nie :(


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