My 2017 Resolutions | Make this year better


HAPPY 2017!

Everybody makes their new year resolution for 2017 so I thought I just going to make one. To be honest, I think I have changed my resolution a lot every now and then. and I also think my previous resolutions were illogical and not even relevant. That why it is a bit reluctant for me to write this entry but you know what, a new year resolution is just a must. 

For me, the main goals of the new year resolutions are to pump that new fresh spirit and try to begin everything great in the world even from a scratch. So here they are,  my 2017 resolution. They might only be the same from 2016 , 2015, 2014 but I will try to work harder.

  • I have a lot to achieve in life because I am just like a thirsty land that want more and more. But this year, I think I just going to appreciate more and cherish people that already exist in my life. I want to pour unconditional love to my family first and then to others. Insyallah.
  • As human beings, we all make mistakes. Therefore, I hope that I can be a better Muslimah, maybe from the root first, in term of prayers' timing and stuff so that I reach my inner strength and peace. I want to get to Him back in case I'd missed it.
Call mom, dad, brother, sister more often
Pray early and be more kusyuk


  • Studying should always be my priority but these days I did realize that I was so indolent and tend to avoid the textbook that I know I need to study. Hence, I hope that I could spend more time in front of my desk studying regardless what I am going to do at first but finally I know that I'm going to stand up from the chair while closing the Medical book.
  • I want to be more dedicated to my study like I want to treat my study like my work. I personally want to spend my night time studying what not so that I could enjoy and do everything I want on the day and weekend. I also want to organize my study schedule like I am going to list everything out, make a table of what should I've read and stuff and plan more of what I want to study in the month.
Shower early so that I can sit in front of the desk early.
Write my goals on a blank sheet of paper before start studying every night


  • Be it in Malay or English, I was so sluggish when it comes to reading novels. I actually prefer watching movies than reading, but since I figured reading books are actually more beneficial so I want to read more books in 2017. It would not only enrich my vocabulary, I also can blog well, as well as can be more mindful in anything. 
  • Having said that, I have bought as well as being given a lot of English novels to read in 2017. Hopefully, my mission will be accomplished. 
Spend 15 minutes everyday and 1 hour on every weekend to read a novel

Social Medias    

  • Now it comes to my most favourites part because I loveee being in these two platform so much that I have to put aims and goals. They are both my passion and my place to express everything that I feel like to. 
  • I am still finding my niche on both platforms but recently I'd found out, I was drawn towards makeup. However, I love to share about my life as well. So probably in 2017, most of my blog and youtube channel content going to be more about beauty and makeup with a little bit touch of random personal thing like travel, blogging thingy and blogging topics.
Blogger- Share what I love and what I think going to help people.
               Have at least one post up every week and don't push yourself.
Youtube- Be myself in front of the camera.
                Have at least one video up to share on every two weeks and don't push yourself.

  • Basically, I want to level-up English proficiency. Speak fluently and write comfortably. 
  • I also want to learn Hindi as I am currently living here in India. It going to be a waste for me to not be able going back to Malaysia with Hindi Degree. I love watching Hindi movies too, thus it is actually easier for me to master the Hindi with people around me speak Hindi everyday. 
Read blogs, novels and news and write more.
Watch more Hindi movies and keep a Hindi vocab book.

What is your 2017 new year resolution?


  1. Amin to being a better Muslimah in sha Allah!

  2. Tahun ni i nak insaf Anis. rasa dah besar dah boleh kahwin, sendu la kalau masih nakal lagi macam dulu dulu haha T.T

  3. "I am just like a thirsty land that want more and more."

    I appreciate if you cold tell me what is your "thirsty land".

    Happy new year.

  4. Good luck for your resolutions, Anis. May 2017 be another good year for us. Aminn 😃

  5. Be yourself girl! goodluck in accomplishing your resolutions. and i bet you never done any last year ! may this year bring the best in you.

  6. I too need to call my family a lot more. These are good resolutions.
    The Pale Tails
    - Beckie x

  7. Anis, siqah baru tahu anis duduk di India. India which part? Siqah kerja dengan orang Chennai. Teruja bila dengar India di situ. Hihi.

    Hope anis berjaya buat semua resolutions tahun ni ��

  8. I am going to beat my old habits like delaying to do something, spend wisely and do not think too much.
    Hope all of us be a better person this year!

  9. wish i could read more books this year. :D
    all the best :)
    and happy new year :3

  10. I have a big focus on studying in my new years resolutions too this year since I have my end of high school finals.
    Aleeha xXx

  11. All the best with your resolutions. My resolutions almost the same as yours except the study and hindi language :)

  12. Semoga dipermudahkan. Happy new year babe.

  13. Aab toda toda Hindi aathi hu???
    Hahahaah! Happy New Year! All the best to you this year!