Have I found my cat yet?

February 4, 2017

Like I've told ya , I put so much efforts so let my cat back home.
She has never been out so it is like impossible for her to come back.  and we live in an apartment with so many floors and blocks. 
Can she even recognize her owner's smell or her own smell to know where exactly she came from? And can she crawl each of every stair and search my house that will be exactly Block B out of A- K block, Floor 2 out of 3 , on the right, No 33 ?! and I don't even know if Snowy able to climb the stairs? I am not even convinced ! 

I did put her food and even spread it in front of my house just because I hope she can smell it and knows that this is your house Snowy. COME BACK. and once you are here, please please call me because I know you are smart. Snowy is smart at crying for help. She legit cried to get out from my room. She cried to come inside my room. She cried to go the bathroom a sip of a drink. She cried very very loud if I accidently locked her at the balcony. She cried if we accidently locked her inside a kitchen cupboard too. She cried for everything that she wants us to help

But she didn't cry at all when I was looking for her which make me really sad and hopeless. My friend did help me looking for Snowy, he even tried to find at his apartment which is separate from my apartment. Basically everywhere. Told the guards too to grab Snowy if they saw it which I thanked for. My housemate too, which accompany me printing Snowy's poster and also posted the Snowy Lost Poster in our college Facebook group. Everyone was so supportive to help me find Snowy. Thank you so much. 

You may not know how important and how affectionate we are as a cat lover if you never own a pet. I think everyone who lost their pet would cry. and me, I could be depressed for the whole year. Like 'missing pet' keep distract me in my mind. Even on the first night, Snowy already appeared in my dream. I cannot keep her away from my mind. Why? Because sumpah she was so clingy. Look at this photo. She is basically my shadow.....

And alhamdulillah. After the sorrow slept, at 6 am, my housemates kejut me from sleep. They told Snowy snowy which that was the call that I want them to say. I immediately open the door like orang gila and Snowy already right in front of me. Words cannot describe how grateful I was. I caught Snowy and I couldn't believe my eyes. Guards found her at J Block around 2 am and they sent her home. 

I was hope that it was not a dream . and now I still pinching my cheek to make sure this is a reality. Snowy already come back but she is not in the condition that she left. She is now still in trauma. and her right foot.. she got it hurt and barely can walk. She only walks using her left foot. I almost cry right now because I feel so sad for snowy. She is just a kitten, born in 27/July/16. She is just a 6 months kitten to be disabled. I don't want !!!!!!!!!

I cannot write anymore.  This is all my fault.  She does not even touch her food for the whole dat and she looks so thin. I'm AFRAID. hm


  1. Glad that she is back. Get well soon, Snowy 😊

  2. have you taken her to he vet?

  3. alhamdulillah dah dapat balik. get well soon snowy <3

  4. omg pity snowy! glad that she had comeback, hopefully your cat will recover as usual! I love cat too :'D
    New Update: Random ft SPM result countdown.

  5. I'm so glad that you found her but the injury is heartbreaking me now.. Hopefully everything is fine.. Q_Q

  6. Snowy looks such a sweet cat! I hope she'll settle down real soon!


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