Happy Birthday to me | 2016

September 22, 2016

I actually do not want to do this post as I have other post birthday related to share with you but as this kind of post is actually my every year blogpost ritual so I have to make one so that when I get older , I can look back and feel grateful for everything that I used to have and got.

Starting off the day was really intriguing. I got a surprise flower delivery from someone. I swear to death I didn't expect this at all.

 I was lying on the bed , scrolling over social medias, well just woke up at that time, then I heard a car in front of my house. I was alone at home and I thought it was my dad outside, so I continued scrolling over and over .

Then I got a call from unknown number , I was surprised because it is my new number . Just a few very close people in my life have my phone number. I guess only 5-6 people? Well, the others can contact me through WhatsApp or if my family got something really important they can contact my parents. Anyway, my old number was blocked by Celcom because I did not recharge for quite a time, that was the reason why. 

In short, I was really confused but I made a clever decision to answer the call :) and the call was from the surprise flower delivery. She asked me if I were at home as she was in front of my house and have something to give.

I came out of the house and took the delivery . I was really touched to see it was a bouquet of flowers and feel grateful for who ever did this to me. Thanks.
I continued the day with a celebration with my beloved family. Had a bihun sup together in the evening at my grandma house and char kueyteaw in the night with my parents and younger brother. Day after ,  I received one more packaged of my birthday gift and also went out with my boyfriend. also did hang out for a while with my sister . 

and so far , here were few presents from love ones .

My twenty two birthday was splendid and I am getting older . noooooøø .

Thank you to everyone for the wishes, gifts and for those who put efforts to enlighten my day .
I do appreciate it soooo much ! Love you all ! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Anis. Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu. Bila birthday? Sorry cause I did not aware about it. I will put your date on my calendar after this.

    That flower is so pretty. I never got one but you're so lucky!

    Happy birthday, again. Stay pretty and sweet as always ;)

  2. happy birthday!
    may ur life full of happiness :)
    stay pretty and happy ya :D

  3. Hello Kitty tu cute sangat ! neway happy birthday dear..

  4. Happy birthday ! May Allah fill your life with happiness <3


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