Simple Birthday Celebration for Mom

September 26, 2016

To be honest , I am actually inspired by the beautiful pictures from all over the internet on how they throw some simple but cute little party for their love one. And I am even lucky I got one month holiday this year in September which is my favourite month of the year because it is the month where my two not one most beloved and important person in my life ever born. I dedicated this to my one and only beautiful mom and stunning aunty Sara. Not to mention,  my mom also decided to add one more wonderful person into the family in September, which is me :)

So this birthday party is nothing but to celebrate 3 gorgeous girls birthday, but I am part of this party organizer so minus me. In case you are wondering , my mom birthday is on 20 September while me and my aunty are on 19 September, so it is very close. My aunty is currently having a task at Mecca so she couldn't attend the party. I decided to throw just a simple party this time , maybe bigger and merrier party next upcoming years. 

I  do really want to do this because I want to try something new. Instead of buying the ready made cake , me and my sister decided to bake dainty cupcakes for the day. I had bake cupcakes once before,  and it  was super easy. The hardest part would be producing the perfect mould of the icing on the top of the cupcakes and make it appear tempting and beautiful.
I had imagined the birthday celebration so well. I did buy all the props and the ingredients for the cupcakes. But you know what, I forgot to buy the icing for the cupcakes, so this time, no icing on the top which makes my task became a lot easier. I thought it was easier to bake using the oven instead steam it but my cupcake turned out horribly ugly . Sorry Mom xoxo.

 and I planned to celebrate it in the evening but everything was not running according to the plan. I went out during the day and came back to prepare the most quickest thing I could do in the night. So, here were the only things I'd managed to set up.
Got  a jar of candle with super DIY birthday flag on the cupcakes , a birthday card, a bit deco on the table and the birthday music playing.
This was super spontaneous. I wish I could get a few helium balloons (part of my plan) and cook something delicious (part of my plan as well), but I was too tired in the night so there were all I could offer. I hope it made your day mum, though it was nothing at all.
I love you and will always love you. I couldn't imagine where am I without you. Don't even want to imagine.

Thanks again my wonder mom ! Happy belated birthday from us. mmuah !


  1. Happy birthday semua, decoration was very nice and superb!

    1. thank you Mila. hopefully I can do better for next year :D

  2. Simple yet meaningful. Happy belated birthday to your Mom, Anis :)

    1. aww thank you Syaza. it really was meaningful to me.


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