PhotoDiary : Island Hopping at Krabi ♥

September 19, 2016

I have to make this post as photo diary because there will be a bunch of photos in this post taken during the vacation early this month. And please do excuse my selfies coz I just neeeed to do that , or else I feel so lonely teheee

So this was the second and third day of the trip at Krabi. 2nd day, we went to Phi Phi Island using Speed Boat and 3rd day, we went to Hong Island using Long Tail Boat. I have  to say that I love Phi phi island trip even more because it was not raining heavily on that day while during Hong Island trip it was raining quite heavily , I mean all day long , it was raining nonstop and it was so difficult to take pictures since my camera is not waterproof.

and y'all , the morning selfie made it wayy to the beach. Can you notice the shawl style? It was not meant for swimming hokay, don't copy. Gotta change the style right before I jump into the sea.

Subhanallah, can you see how gorgeous these islands are ? The sea is so stunningly blue. Loved this sooo much and this has truly melted my heart. I wish these islands are nearer so I could come here quite often.
It was really tranquil.
I love the view so much!
Before jump and  explore the underworld! Too excited !

A shoal of amazing fish <3
I did really struggling T_T
some more syok sendiri pose xoxo

We stopped by at the other island to have lunch , and the chalet was quite nice.

The last destination during Phi Phi Island trip was Bamboo Island ! The biggest I supposed. and I feel like just want to lie down at the center of the island but too bad , the island was too crowded on that day.

I hardly can afford pictures during Hong Island trip but if I found the nice I'll definitely share with you. Thanks to le girls for the trip! I would love to come again with different people. Till here.


  1. oh mai mai.. such beautiful photos! i hope one day, i can reach there but...! i don't think i'll be able to do that. for a few reasons i can't explain here. huhu..

    1. awww thank you dear ! yekeeee. takpe maybe one day boleh pergi tempat lagi cantik :)

  2. cantiknya! tengok gambar ni, membuat hati teringin nak pergi situ :)

    1. pergi la sekali terutamanya bila harga tiket Air Asia ke krabi murah.


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