Ipoh Food Hunting : Greentown Dimsum Cafe

November 12, 2015

Though I am not in Ipoh anymore, it doesn't mean I couldn't do food hunting anymore. I can drive back to Ipoh from Kedah , 272km away just for food okay. Nope, I'm joking. I never drove more than 30 km from my house in Kedah. Well, I went to Dimsum cafe while I was studying at UniKl RCMP in last fasting month 2015. It was fully occupied during that time, luckily we managed to get one table for 3 of us, me , ahsha and bang Sham. Abam utc.

These were what I have ordered.
I love their Dim Sum very much! sadly not their tomyam. 

This restaurant is located at:
Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Avenue, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak. Tel/Fax: 05-255 2010.

You might want to waze them, !


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