Hello Late November!


I know it's already late to wish happy new month but what to do,  time flew very fast. October has became very hectic and a lot big things happened. I moved out, I transferred from Royal College Medical Perak to Management & Science University. Being back and forth to KL to settle things. Pheww. Everything was so productive and money unfriendly. Thanks goodness, despite everything which mean to be stressful I didn't even had a chance to feel it. Instead of grieving, I did enjoy every last moment with all of my beloved. You cannot imagine how many videos have I recorded just to reminisce them once I off to India.

I leave them with the care of Allah. May health and happiness will always be with them. Amin

For this new month, as usual, I have a brand new resolution. It is for the betterment of my own but probably quite hard for me to get it done. The resolution are I should concentrate more on study and leave all fantastic social medias behind. I'll not leave it as a whole. I'll keep updating at least once in a month coz I am alive man. For sure it will much lesser than before. But you know right.

The whole point of the new resolution is to study until I become clever 😁 Go to college
till 6.30pm,  magrib,  insya' and
study start at 8.30.
After two hours probably rest, relax and sleep.

Make a note abt what I'm studying. Make all what I'd do more productive. Or a least study one case a day, then I can enjoy doing what a living human want to do. That all for my this month resolution, just want to get back in track as a doctor to be . Insyallah .

Love, Anis