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November 13, 2015

Hey hello! I'm so excited to share this blogpost because I am officially MSU rian start from 24 October 2015. I feel proud to be one them once I saw how gorgeous their facilities in the orientation week. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't like my previous university, I really like it, i really like the surrounding and also the environment of RCMP but now as a MSU rian, I'll be going abroad which was reason. If you guys are wondering why was I transferred to MSU, it was because MSU provide us opportunity to pursue my study at Bangalore India. Supposedly I'll be going to Vinayaka,India but then the programme was already terminated so we have to change place and ended up have to change the university as well. Alhamdulillah though a group of us changed our university but we was lucky enough to still be under MARA and continue the scholarship as promised.

I thought, I want to tell you a glimpse of all the process happened before I finally went to India. 
We had 5 days orientation week. It was held started from Saturday till Wednesday as originally we'll be flying on the wednesday night. Within that 5 days orientation week, I stayed at MSU condo which was absolutely amazeball. I like the condo very much, it was very cozy and condusive. All are complete including washing machine, fridge, kitchen, iron, all we need are just to bring our own clothes. There are also a beautiful swimming pool and gymnasium at the centre of it. So excited !!

We also had White Coat ceremony on the 4th day orientation and that was why we dressed up all in red.
From my previous posts about UniKl RCMP, a lot of you ask me about the fees,accomodation and others. While i remember all the fees and stuffs, better I blog all about it here.

I am a transfer student from UNIKL RCMP to IMS-MSU (Bangalore,India) . But I don't think it will be much different on the enrollment wise. Basically the enrollment fee for MBBS at MSU is Rm5000( this info I get from MSU staff) but because I am under Mara scholarship, thus Mara covered it all for us. 
Somehow, we still need to withdraw some amount of money for other stuffs like Medical check up, Visa, Passport, baju batik & lab coat and accomodation during orientation.

I don't know why MARA still want medical check up from us to the fact that we are already their scholar student. Due to limited time, less than a week to do the medical check up, I went to Kedah Medical Center to do it and it costed hell Rm242 compared to only Rm1 at government hospital. KMC only took 2 hours for all tests including Hep B, gonorrhea and syphilis.

Next, visa for india. I did it at Indian Visa Applications Center Kl on 15hb. Costed even higher which was Rm400 excluding transportation from ipoh to kl. Visa took 8 working days to finish and we need to collect our visa at 27 October 2015.

Passport, thank God I already have my 5 years pass but if you want to make a new one, you gonna need Rm200 for 5 years. No more 2 years pass in the new policy. 

Baju batik and lab coat are required for lab coat ceremony. Thus we need to buy it regardless anything. It costed about Rm200 for both and payment to be settled during registration .
If your house is near to MSU, then you are not needing an accomodation here. But if you were needing it, 5 days rent would cost Rm150 plus transport Rm30(using MSU bus) . I just rented for 5 days because I gonna fly to India. But for local student, you gonna stay for years so you can rent a condominium around the Shah Alam. To make life easier, just deal with MSU for their hostel a.k.a condominium , because their facilities are perfect.

Apart from all these fussy fees, during enrollment you also need to hand in any incomplete documents e.i SPM transcript, Foundation transcript to MSU. 
Hopefully you can get a general idea about what to do and pay during enrollment to this university. Wish you luck in your study! 


  1. Congratulations and all the best! My sister is studying in MSU too :)

    1. thank you ! really ? hope to see herone day.. :D

  2. Good luck with your studies!!!

  3. All the best my dear !! Good luckk!!! xx hoi rindu!

  4. MSU now got it's own condo? I wonder where is it located.. and, is that Sir Nizam who took the selfie? Hehe. Good luck for your study, sis! :)

    1. ahh i really have a short term memory , i couldn't remember the name but the condo name either start with alam or end with it . Indah Alam ? I'm really sure but it is 5 minutes from MSU . haha . yap ! it's sir nizam . thank you dear !

  5. hey I'm also passionate in creating blog.Could you pls let me know how you create blog.WOULD YOU?


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