Ipoh Food Hunting : Mat Periuk Cafe

October 13, 2015

their philosophy

 Gamba makanan tak ambik sebab lapar sangat , akibatnya, lambat sikit nak cerita pasal cafe ni ;')
Anyway, saja pergi makan dekat sini dengan groupmate yang sangat ohsem. Walaupun group yang kecil tapi kitorang very cooperative and happy being together. Masing-masing amek berat satu sama lain. Everyday was such a happy days. Very positive back then. Surround yourself with a happy people then you'll get infected by their positive vibes or you own positive aura came out by its own. 
A little selpie with my old iphone, oh i miss my iphone.
Really miss it since until now a few attempts to save it seemed had failed.

Back to food review, the serving was quite good. I haven't found my favourite food yet since this was my second time being here. Prices are standard , not too expensive, not very cheap.
Location : Lot 22241, No.40, Hala Tasek Timur 10, Kampung Tersusun Tasek, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
You may want to waze it ;D


  1. memang nak kena plan cepat la JJCM kat Ipoh.. dari awal tahun
    asyik bertunda.. huurm makanan makanan =D

  2. Good day surrounds with good vibes is always be something everyone wants. Anyway, what's the special menu that can be ordered here dear? Who knows if I'm in Ipoh sooner or later then this place could be one of my choices. :)

  3. Salam, wahhh menariknya nama cafe ni...hahaha mmg catchy, patutlah ramai org..mesti food pun sedap kan..hihi...
    p/s: comelnye casing phone..hehe

  4. wahhh bestnya hangout dengan groupmate. :D

  5. Meriah. Mesti sedap-sedap makanan dekat sini.


  6. No worries. I'll look for that place.

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