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Ipoh Food Hunting : Mat Periuk Cafe

October 13, 2015

their philosophy

 Gamba makanan tak ambik sebab lapar sangat , akibatnya, lambat sikit nak cerita pasal cafe ni ;')
Anyway, saja pergi makan dekat sini dengan groupmate yang sangat ohsem. Walaupun group yang kecil tapi kitorang very cooperative and happy being together. Masing-masing amek berat satu sama lain. Everyday was such a happy days. Very positive back then. Surround yourself with a happy people then you'll get infected by their positive vibes or you own positive aura came out by its own. 
A little selpie with my old iphone, oh i miss my iphone.
Really miss it since until now a few attempts to save it seemed had failed.

Back to food review, the serving was quite good. I haven't found my favourite food yet since this was my second time being here. Prices are standard , not too expensive, not very cheap.
Location : Lot 22241, No.40, Hala Tasek Timur 10, Kampung Tersusun Tasek, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
You may want to waze it ;D

Study tips ♥: Do it with your heart

October 6, 2015

Hello Love! Introducing a new fresh slot in my blog where I hope that I can help students on whatever course you are studying, but I would highly recommended my tips to a medical student because I have no idea how other courses have to study and the best study tips for them. Anyway, I believed for this post, same principles applied to whatever courses you in right now. So no worries, keep on reading;) 

Since I am currently third year medical student, I have accumulated some awesome study tips that I cannot wait to share it with you. My friends always and always ask tons of questions on how i study, and what not. Probably this post would elaborate a bit. However, by any means, I'm not claiming that my tips are the best, in fact in this slots, I just want to help you in your study if you have no idea where to start, what should you do and how perform in medical exam ;)

That's it for introduction. Experience wise first, What I have learnt today is , whatever I would do, whatever I want to do, do it by heart. Unfortunately, I forgot. Just forgot to learn by heart, thus, I was hitted by my poor exam result yesterday. To be honest, I was quite embarrased, but I know that I can perform better, it just I don't put all my soul on my study. That's the reason why I answered wrong in the examination because I had no idea what's going on in my study case. Not gonna happened again. No. No.

Being a clinical medical student and pre clinical student is vastly different. Miles different in every ways,  apart from you have to read a hell lot more than pre clinical years within a short period and put all of it into your head very fast. Sounds fantastic aite ! Brain, please be nice to us. However, our brain did not listen to us, we need to work out by ourself, systematically and most importantly, work it by heart, so that our brain can process a lot easier . you know, brain and heart is connected ♥

I tend to remember this one motivational quote.. Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going on.
In short, if we aim higher then we should concentrate our mind to only study. Wait a minute, concentrate on study doesn't mean that we don't get a life. We can have a life, we can read novels, watch youtube, make videos , watch movies, do charity works, picnic at weekend, make a business, everything! it just that we ought to wise in making decision, divide time and fight every students' problem, laziness. I would like to emphasize, one step to learn by heart is to get rid of the study laziness. But usually it will automatically get rid by itself when we already have a mind set. 

If you are reading this, what are you waiting for. Start studying by now, how hard you think , how lazy you are, just keep reading your lecture notes . Be a good worker. Be a good doctor to be. I believe at this moment, your work is only to study. Once you'd done with one lecture or one case, then take a break. Enjoy everything you did. Never complained if you want to see to a bright future and be an excellent student.

Event : I'M BEAUTYBOUND FINALIST! One step closer

October 4, 2015

As you can see , there are 30 finalists of Beauty Bound Asia have been selected from 80+ semifinalists from the last challenge.  and look who's there in the list ? Hurry, try to find my face !
For the 30 finalists, we have to attend the second workshop which was held at Bangsar Shopping Complex yesterday and the attandance is mandatory to proceed to the next challange. Luckily, me and my college's friend got chosen, hence we went there together. yayy , go a partner to accompany! It was quite easy to go there, alhamdullilah. We just took a train from Ipoh to kl sentral and then went straight away to Bangsar, took rapid kl bus and arrived! Not more than RM60 being spent, super worth compared to what we've got in the workshop, experiences, meet up with more new and famous youtubers, make up artists, and even magazine EH editor. 

As usual from the last workshop, the first thing that I did was took a photo with random youtuber at the photo booth. And here meet the Gorgeous Sarah Azureen. She's really good at make up to the fact she is the same age with me!  The photo booth areas were just same with the previous one so to make it a bit different then I add Finalist font on the top of photo. :)

I barely got eyes,  righttttttttttt. 
The venue chosen by BeautyBoundAsia Malaysia was at Ruyi & Lyn restaurant. 
After some bits of youtube session with youtube master, there was interview session with the judges as well. I think most of us know that our judges for Malaysian BBA are Farhanah Firdaus and Emily Quak.

Some tips and trick from EH magazine about new trends, fashion show make up and hell lot more that I never know before !
we got one free EH pouch and free 3 months EH e-magazine subscription.

free food~~~~~ Some noodles and sushi. 
Next , hackathon session among ourself. What we need to do was we were given 10 minutes to remove our make up , snap a photo, and then put it back within 30 minutes and again snap a photo by their team. The winner will be chosen based on best before & after photos.  Interesting isn't it ?
everyone got a mirror to conquer.

If you are a make up junkie, I bet you know who is this, though the picture was quite dark.
The famous make up artist, Khir Khalid gave his best tips and trick to do make up

Does anyone know where to get this Egyptian Magic in Ipoh?
Last but not least, everyone grab a chance to take photos with the judges. Here was with Faa, I  swear that she is so beautiful and friendly, 
Anyway, tak sempat nak ambil dengan Emily. ;')
I look very creepy , that's what I got to say.

One step closer means that we have to do our final challenge which is to do an unboxing video for this time goodies bag, and also to upload #Makenomakeup video. From that challenge, only two winners will be nominated to represent Malaysia compete among winners from all over the countries in Asia. The deadline is at 9th October 2015, so stay tune for the videos!

Hello October!

October 1, 2015

Hey, it is a new month! Time flew very swift that sweet October came without even realizing . Anyway, today is the beginning of a new happy month, tenth month in the year. So what have I achieved so far? I would say, countless! I'm so grateful for everything that happened this year regardless thick and thin. It tought me to be a human, even better mankind. I try to become more positive person and I am happy with it. because once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll having positive results which is to me, it is happiness. Always be happy with whatever decision that we make. 

Believe it or not, this month I got nothing plan much. Just to start a new posting next week , where I'll be posted to Orthopaedic department followed by Physcytric. Let us see how it goes. Apart from that, this weekend, I'll headed to an exciting event that I managed to become Finalist of BeautyBoundAsia. I know it will be such a great and invaluable experience that I'll even get since becoming a blogger.   I cannot tell you how excited I am to meet again 25 fellow beautybound finalist . If everything is fine, (means that I am not shy, and I am not forget)  I'll vlog during that day and share the journey with you! I think i have to do more vlog now because  I am running out of video ideas to upload in my channel. 

Last but not least, I hope I can write more in this blog this month. I have plan of some slots in this blog so that I can update routinely and I can have more content in my blog apart from just having my life experience. but I haven't figure out the topic yet. you may request if you feel like you want to know something from me. From what I have thinking, I may post one lifestyle tips and one review every week in this month. Wish me luck and enjoy reading it! 

May our october filled with happiness 

Don't forget to keep calm


Laugh more often. 

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