Hello October!

Hey, it is a new month! Time flew very swift that sweet October came without even realizing . Anyway, today is the beginning of a new happy month, tenth month in the year. So what have I achieved so far? I would say, countless! I'm so grateful for everything that happened this year regardless thick and thin. It tought me to be a human, even better mankind. I try to become more positive person and I am happy with it. because once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll having positive results which is to me, it is happiness. Always be happy with whatever decision that we make. 

Believe it or not, this month I got nothing plan much. Just to start a new posting next week , where I'll be posted to Orthopaedic department followed by Physcytric. Let us see how it goes. Apart from that, this weekend, I'll headed to an exciting event that I managed to become Finalist of BeautyBoundAsia. I know it will be such a great and invaluable experience that I'll even get since becoming a blogger.   I cannot tell you how excited I am to meet again 25 fellow beautybound finalist . If everything is fine, (means that I am not shy, and I am not forget)  I'll vlog during that day and share the journey with you! I think i have to do more vlog now because  I am running out of video ideas to upload in my channel. 

Last but not least, I hope I can write more in this blog this month. I have plan of some slots in this blog so that I can update routinely and I can have more content in my blog apart from just having my life experience. but I haven't figure out the topic yet. you may request if you feel like you want to know something from me. From what I have thinking, I may post one lifestyle tips and one review every week in this month. Wish me luck and enjoy reading it! 

May our october filled with happiness 

Don't forget to keep calm


Laugh more often. 


  1. Congratulation on becoming the finalist of BeautyBoundAsia. I'm relatively new to this site. Have you talk anywhere in your blog or youtube about the resources you use for both the blog and youtube i.e devices like the type of handphone, camera and laptop you are using and the software or websites that help your process to publish.

    1. thank you asha ! welcome then ! hope you enjoy reading every bits of my writing.
      yes for what camera, handphone,laptop and software but not in dept. gonna do the blogpsot about it later if you are interested ;')

  2. Congratulations! Loving the new layout!!! :D