Happy Eid Al Adha ♥

September 26, 2015

Being as a medical student does not differentiate us and a doctor in a holiday wise. Well, to be honest, not now yet because I am still third year medical student.. but almost! why I said so, because I almost didn't get eid adha holiday which is so pathetic if its happened. Fortunately, last minute announcement said that we all get a holiday just to celebrate the raya and spend a wonderful time with family.

So yeah, every hearts fully cheerish for the holiday that we got , except housemen,nurses,doctors and lecturers because they need to pack their schedule after this for the postponed classes. SORRY.  But still, every hearts must feel happy for this special celebration once a year. 

Despite everything, being at home , being at hometown is the best feeling ever . I wish I could live here with my happy family forever. I could even want to die here.  I feel contented when I'm with my family, I feel too comfortable that I can be worse of myself and ignore everything. #mustchange. Despite everything, family problems and all, it always diminishes when we talk about our family, because we always want to choose to keep the good things only.

So here is the good thing about my family. We are a small family, so we are very close. Sharing is caring , and caring is love !
Family is the most valuable thing, while we have them, try to appreciate them<3

Last but not least, here is my outfit of the day  
Awkward post with too pinkish golden saree kurung modern ;')


  1. Salam aidilAdha Anis. ^_^ gambar sembelih lembu takdek? Hehe..

  2. Salam Aidiladha sis ! Sis lawa sangat :)
    btway, followback my blog sis . Thanks


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