Happy birthday to me ♥ | 2015

September 20, 2015

kena belanja fav tomyam :D

So far it has been a good day. Thank you for all the birthday treats and wishes! You guys really made my day. I am blessed with  such a great people around me. Thank you again ! 
This year, huge huge thanks to the most beautiful friend of mine, Farah Syahirah.. for every seconds you spent with me on the day. I'm glad that I manage to have one additional awesome people in my life. Hopefully, our friendship will last forever, til jannah. InsyaAllah.. Don't forget me if only if I fly to India.  I'll bring back your husband material.  weeee

And also I would like to dedicate a thousand thanks to my boyfriend for always being the first person to make a wish . I really appreciate it and feel very special to think that one person in this world really really care about me , though to be honest I am no one, just an ordinary girl that seek for special attention from everybody who would like to give one ;') #tudiaayatdia

I hope I can have a birthday party again ! Mom , please do so before I get married. hehe


  1. Is it today? Happy Birthday, Anys. Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu :)

    1. it's on saturday 19 september Syaza.. anyway , thank you !

  2. Happy Birthday Anys!

  3. happy birthday dear!

  4. selamat hari lahir awak..semoga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki

  5. Thank you everyone ! Much love xoxo!

  6. rasanya belum terlambatkan... happy belated birthday... semoga tidak selamanya blur...

  7. Happy belated birthday kak anys. Wishing u good health, forever happiness & good luck. May all good things coming ur way insha Allah. Once u do such birthday party (exactly like in the last pic), don't forget to share with us all here. I'd definitely come back again for it, for sure! Hehe.

  8. sory late wish...hepi belated birthday...yiieeehaaaa..... semaga panjang umur dan murah rejekinya...yieehaaaa...


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