Event: Me at Beauty Bound Asia (Malaysia)

September 16, 2015

I thought twice when I read the invitation card sent to my email last week about three days before the event. My first reason was, I am not KL peep so it kind of hard to get transport and wandering around the KL., I absolutely have no idea at all of the KL road. Not only that, I am C- at commuting Rapid/LRT/Monorail though I had lived at UM for 2 months(4years ago) and now I already forgot everything about it.  And then, suprisingly, I had changed my mind. I thought why not to grab this golden opportunity once in our life and live it up though I had known no one during the event. Luckily, my good friend Aynal helped me a lot there. Thank you Aynal

I cannot believe my eyes when I saw that I was one of the semifinalist. Like seriously, it was just my luck. I am so happy that I attend this event and gain load of thingsss. Everything was about youtube and beauty . Insane.
These two hot girls, Sis Bella & Sis Mei that I know first when I was there, That's why we took picture together. They are very friendly and nice.
Most of the photos were the group photos but I managed to get this moment alone, hehe.
All my colleagues thought that I was a model in this photo, it was just a photobooth guys.

One of the best part was we got free food during the workshop break. As you can see, I took a lot of it, 2 steak beefs, multiple sausages, etc because I did not take my lunch during that day. By the way, the workshop discussed about copious ways to start and improve our youtube channel. Basically there are ten main tips that have been shared and it was incredibly helpful.
Next , there were also Q&A with the SK-II ambassador and also an interview with two main judges of the beautyboundasia in Malaysia which are Faafirds and Emily.

Wait.. Look !
Photo sessions with these two famous yet stunning youtubers. Both of them are same age of me but they look 10 times younger than me , teheeee.
First pic : with Faa . Second pic : with EvangelineHawa

Every of us used to be a stranger in the past but now , we are friends! It was so fun meeting lots of new people with same interests and getting to know them even closer.
This was what I brought back home ;D UNBOXING challenge ;) Will be up in youtube soon!


  1. Congratulations! Tak buat vlog ke?

    1. thanks hari! i did record the event tp sikit2 jee . hehee

  2. Untungnye jadi Anis. Sbb selalu dapat event. Huhu. Bg ana, kl ni senang jek nak gi memane. Sbb ade byk transport awam.

    1. haha mana ada ana ! ni first event anis tauuu. hehe . betul2, cuma anis je tak pandai. kena belajar nihh.

  3. Replies
    1. thank you syaza .. alhamdulillah rezeki lebih sikit. syza tak lambat dah..

  4. Wahh bestnyaaa sis .Sis dapat invitation kan , how lucky of you ! :) Macam mana sis join, sis ada sign in ke ? Btway, thanks for follow me back , i really appreciate it


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