My First Crazy Swap with Aynal Mansor !!

whooop whoop !!! I can't even feel my finger right now .. I am totally shaking of excitement !

I still can't believe that I've successfully done this swap and received all these items safely. Receiving these big bulk of fancy items only occur in my life once in a blue moon. The bonus point is almost most of the items are in my wishlist next thing to buy. So she save my life a billion times. Thank you so much lovelies. So this post is just going to elaborate a bit in writing of how we plan and what she had gave me. You can also read what Aynal has gotten from in her post. >click<
First off,  if you want to do a swap with somebody, you have to really love watching other's swap, so that you'll feel more excited. I myself, didn't really know what swap video is. Thankfully, Aynal introduce me with a lot of swap video from international vloggers. I started to love them ever since ! which approximately 4 months ago. Obviously I cannot beat how Aynal would love them more, coz she has been watching it before I even know youtubee hihi

This was my first swap, so I was not good in every planning (which I really hope to improve in future if I'd do it again). Basically , after both parties agreed to do the swap, we kept in touch ever since the first email that Aynal sent to me. We always exchanging our interest and our details. Shoes size, skin shade, and fav color, everything! Everything we could exchange, we would do it . So our primary emails are so so long ! It took me a day to reply everything so I didn't miss out anything she asked me and ask her questions as well. 

After that , we set up an estimated week of when we can send it. I have to wait for my second round allowances so I ask her if possible to do the swap after 2 and half  months.(if not mistaken). and luckily, my partner was very patience and she agreed. After that , that two months became a complete sweet and fun battle for ourselves to find a perfect stuff for our partner.

We set up a budget as well , coz I know that I can't really afford expensive items in case she'll give me an Ipad Mini, who knows right. It will be a complete unfair between us, so I said to her that I want to set a budget. and she agreed. but she said that if she gives anything that beyond the budget just assume that it was a gift from a sister *how sweet* I really appreciate her sincerity. 

Not only that, apart from just keeping touch for the swap, we also had spent time together via facetime as a friend. And I make a new good friend ever since. I am so happy that I gain one more great friend from social network though we are not at the same age, but that doesn't matter.. The power of internet ;)

Overall, I received 25 items from her. and I gave less than that which make me feel bad. But actually I was quite satisfied of what I have gave her. Everything that I gave her were everything that I want to own it by myself. but I really hope I can improve a bit on packaging wise ;D

What are in the picture?

  • Elianto Gold Eyeliner
  • Maybelline All Smooth Compact Powder
  • Satin Crystal Rouge from Elianto
  • Roller Lash Mascara
  • NYX Smokey Eyeshadow 
  • Hellokitty Make up Brushes
  • Baby pink bangle
  • Vincci Long Purse in brown
  • Elianto Lip Gloss in Pink

Items not in picture

  • NYX lip not cream or gloss
  • Elianto Lipstick in Nude


  • Forever 21 Bangle
  • Malaysia Luggage Tag
  • Hello Kitty Luggage Tag
  • The Body Shop Hand Cream
  • Iphone 6 casing
  • Disneyland Photo Frame
  • Infinity Shawl
  • Cute Teddy
  • Zebra Shawl

Items not in picture

  • Forever 21 necklace
  • Garment

and boom boom, scented items

Bath and Body Work Scented Candle and Forever Red Perfume

Everyday vitamins!

If you want to watch the video, here's for you ;')

This is my packaging for her if you would like to see how it looks . Well, at this moment, still have a few more items to fit in ;') I do love my own packaging too actually , but I have to admit I prefer her packaging. hehe


  1. I watched this video! Swap videos are so nice to watch. Especially since you are reacting to it for the first time when seeing all the things you got.

  2. wow. super crazy swap! 25 exciting right??! haha. Boleh guna taktik packaging ni for birthday present kan hihi. bestnyeee

  3. I Glad that you like everything! will be posting the same entry soon! wait for it ya. Thank you Anys for doing this swap with me. hehe again. love everything from you!

  4. Where can I find the Hello Kitty makeup brush set? I want one ! Nice packaging okay :)

  5. You got so many good products. Btw, love the way you edit the photos on this entry. So profesional :)

  6. Watch both of Aynal's and your video :) It looks so much fun!!