Hello August !

August 1, 2015

Phew , time flee so fast. Remember my mission to blog everyday in July? As you may or may not know, it was a massive failure. I only being able to blog for sixteen days. Anyway, I am quite satisfy with it. It was about 55%, so  I think, I pass. Yayy ! I am going to blog regularly after this, but not everyday anymore. Maybe twice a week or once a week is enough, or maybe if only there is anything special to invest my energy and write on. woooahhhh

anyway gurls, today I sat MUET paper for reading,writing and listening. I don't know how many times have you read about me mentioning MUET test. I guess if a baby was born when my first time talking about MUET, now he/she will be 3-4 years older. Seeing that number make me suprised by myself. #goosebump Honestly, this is my 4th time trying to achieve band 4 which was quite easy for those who sat MUET for the two last sessions. I know I know, i am not really good that's why I couldn't achieve what I want..... yet.

Ya Allah, hopefully this will be my last time experiencing this RM101 paid MUET . I don't want to repeat anymore. The reason why I was repeating over and over is, band 4 is a band requirement for me to graduate in Year 5.  that's why i need to get it ASAP or else i cannot be a doctor ;') But hey , I feel a bit confident this time, plus before this my marks were not bad at all. They were all 3-6 marks closer to band 4 which was quite frustrating. i know mm yeah . I don't care wether it is just on the border line or pass with flying colours but all I need is just number 4 to appear in my result slip. It can 5 anyway, I'll be glad to have that.

Oh, i forgot. It's a new month! so I want to have a new exciting wishlists to do through out this month. I hope I can be more hardworking to study about public health and score the exam in September. I also hope that I can give my all toward field research project (FRP) coming soon. Though it might be exhausting, but I know it will be rewarding to medical doctor to be. I hope that I can be more friendly with all of my friends, creating a closer bond as if I am going to fly to India this year (AMIN) -status unknown yet

Social side- - insyallah I'll be more comitted to youtube if you guys love to watch it. I wish I could upload more beneficial and helpful videos, and of course they are in beauty category. Show some support and I am sorry if you see me a bit mengada ?? , it was not mengada but it was a side of me which is quite overreact/over expression ;') daaa

Have a blast August people ! 
Help more people and make someone happy.
 Let's be positive in any ways 


  1. woahh . ambik muet sampai 4 kali memang penat ! saya pun band 3 je tapi sebab course saya ok je so no need to repeat phew ~ btw kawan kawan saya ramai repeat muet dekat sekolah and diorang semua upgrade from band 2 to 4 or 5 . so that's the little muet trick hehe :P

  2. InsyaAllah, you will get what you want to. I do love to watch your video, so please upload it more and more. Okay?

    Have a nice day!

  3. Hope you'll achieve whatever that you want :)

  4. Good luck for MUET! Who know, you might end up with Band 5 or 6 this time around!

  5. Hey Anis! Thanks for the lovely advice on my blog. Really appreciate it. By the way, good luck for your MUET result! You worked hard for it. You will definitely achieve high band I believe. Cheers mate :)


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