Ipoh Food Hunting : Sakae Sushi

I know that this restaurant not only available at Ipoh , but since it has here in the city of Ipoh so why not to share it with you . I have ate here 4 times already and it is my fav compared to sushi king coz it has something else other than sushi to order . Don't hate me but I like both actually , but in my personal opinion , I think Sakae sushi has a variable choices and it is cheaper. You can order rice here  instead of sushi , or maybe order BOTH ! just like what I did ;') 

My usual choice of drink is Chocolate since it costed RM8 compared to carbonated drink which costs RM5., so yeah..
yes yes yes ! this is the one I want to recommend it to you . It's called cheese teriyaki. So so delicious and finger licking ! you should try it girl ! it comes separately with the rice and soup so you have to add it on (they'll ask you anyway). But it is quite expensive, RM18 for the set. don't worry it worth it , since i cannot finish all these at once , so I decide to take away and it become my dinner!
All of us ordered the same thing . can you see that ? how affectionate we were to this menu.
The rice is a sushi rice I guess , so you would feel full easily .
Cheese teriyaki details : It is a steamed chicken with thick cheese and spicy flavour on top. It is quite salty which is great to combine with the rice. Eat it with the soup and the veges, then it will gives you a perfect taste! 
ALERT : for cheese lover only

gruk gruk gruk 
makan pakai chopstick , japanese sangat tau

Went here a multiple times already! Sometimes just to eat sushi, sometimes this teriyaki ;D

Thanks for reading 


  1. eh dekat mana ye... aeon ipoh ke?

  2. Hye anis...akk pernah belajar makan guna chopsticks..kelaut dik..hehe..

  3. Jarang makan sushi. Hehe. Tapi tempat tu nampak menarik sangat!

  4. tak pernah try lagi sakae sushi . selalu makan sushi king je . sebab ingatkan sakae lagi mahal dari sushi king . haha