6 products I couldn't live without tag

It's funny enough if i say that zoella tags me to this interesting tag. I am not really into this tag at first, but I think this tag is a great excuse to update my blog. Well I have so much things to tell y'all but I never had time to give a go. A perfect time I'd add.. So in today's post, I would list 6 products that I couldn't live without. I have to agree with her that I probably can live without all these products but they are my absolute favourites at the moment.

1. Suitable Cleanser
I cannot live without a cleanser. I would rather use my friend's face cleanser though it is from different brand and risk my skin than having an oily and unfresh skin through out the day. I have to cleanse my face first everyday in the morning, or else I would feel very uncomfortable and have a thought that my skin looks dull. At the moment I am using SKII miniature face wash, i've been loving it since the first time i use it coz it is very gentle and prevent acne on my skin so far.. 

2. Maybelline Smooth All in One Compact powder
I am a person who are self conscious with own skin. Having quite a dark tan skin make me want to put something on it to be able to go out of the house. It can be just a talkum powder or a small touch of compact powder. 

3. Revlon Balm Stain
I don't like having a pale face so this is the ultimate product that is super essential to me. It is the top most used product everyday single day just give a little pop up on my face. Having lipbalm on is enough to make me confident through out the day. It does cheer up my entire face since naturally I don't really have a hot pinky lips,  and this lip balm gives quite a long lasting color and that's the reason why :')

4. DollyWink Eyeliner
Among all make up , I love eyeliner the most . So if I want to hang out with my friends or dating with my boyfriend ;) , usually I would give myself an extra touch up by creating a sharp decent winged eyeliner. It do the job since wearing eyeliner is quite easy to me , i just need a few second to make it done . Cantik atau tak lain kira haha.

5. CitraMulia night cream
I used to be lazy wearing night cream everynight before go to bed , but then I realized night cream is super important to supply a bit nutrient to your skin and wake up on the next morning with a smooth silky skin. I believe, night cream would eradicate any dullness on my skin and repair any tissue damages while I am sleeping ;')

6. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
since i already have it right now , so I have to add it in my favourite coz it does a very good job. I love it coz the curling effect is obvious. It does not clump up and create such a beautiful natural eyelashes . Going to review it so soon :D