Baking Cookies : Tat Nenas

I really enjoy making them though it is quite tough to do it alone coz my mom was busy making ketupat. Not to mention, my younger brother did help me in the middle of baking. I sent a message to my sister asking her to bake cookies with me but she change her number and i was lazy to message her new number back, so ended up, i did it alone..
But, it was so fun! It was okay to do it alone coz I thought of someone ( that going to taste my pineapple tart) while doing it. 

It was really a cost friendly.! Overall, I can make 125 pineapple tarts ! 

Ingredients that I used
Pineapple tart flour(nona) Rm7.5
Pineapple jam Rm9.0
3 eggs Rm2
250g buttercup Rm3

Total : Rm21.5 for 125 pineapple tarts, isn't it amazing? 


  1. Nak tengok hasilnya nanti k? Kalaulah dapat makan kuih tart nenas tu.... Huhu. Happy Baking! :D

  2. Rata rata kak PC pergi beraya..susahnya nak jumpa tart ni..

  3. sedap la pandai buat tart. pandai buat semprit tak? fav i tuhh HAHAH