Ipoh Food Hunting : Zie Tomyam

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There you go . Another restaurant today . Restaurant . not a cafe . (if that makes any different hehe)
This was an IFTAR with IM4U buddies. Well, IM4U is a NGO sort of community. There are a lot of people from different background attended this iftar and from all ages as well. This was great coz we got to meet new people and be friend with them. I love to see other people behaviour especially for those who are really easy going, it's so fun and it inspires me in some aspects.

This is the look of the restaurant from the outside. It is just nice with the lamp and the plant all that. Well, we sat outside coz it is already full inside. I can't really wait to eat their tomyam !!
Look ! watermelon juice was just so tempting and delly ! Broke the fast with healthy drinks~ Love it ! 
 Unfortunately , coz we are the late comers, so we only got nasi goreng and some other dishes like a small bowl of tomyam, a plate of daging masak merah and a plate of sotong goreng tepung.. instead of others who came early got a big bowl of tomyam, a big and long sweet sour fish n etc. But I was just too grateful to have free meal today.  Our dishes were just nice but personally I am not really into it. However , thumbs up for the ;.) 

Come back on saturday if you want to explore more Ipoh cafe..

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