Review : Peel Off Nail Polish


Assalamualaikum .  Girls  love  beautiful and stunning nails right? So here it is , a nail polish to add a bit more enhancement to our nails. I love seeing cute decorative nails but because I know we as a muslim cannot wear it or else our prayers will not valid so I kind of turn off my interest to try wearing it. For me , SEE only. But , technology has gone way too good. You don't need a nail remover to remove your nail polish anymore , and you do not necessarily need to wear that nail polish for a long period anymore, everything you need to do is just peel off whenever&whereever you feel to. My goshhh . This is incredible!

I got this nail polish in lilac for RM8.

The bristle is just nice though it is cheap.

Oh i need help  ;)
Complete ! It turns pretty good huh? 

The consistency is just good. It is thick and shiny. Easily dry and peeled, so beware.
[After a few hours] This is how you can peel off the nail polish. 
You can tear it from any edges that you like. I played with water so much,that's why it become like that. Looks digusting isn't it.
The waste ;) sorry to show this. Just to let you know that it did come out easily when you want to peel it. and it was fun though. So no worries.
Overall , i just love to wear this nail polish especially  during that 'day'. It looks fancy and girly (you know my thing ;)) Plus, i plan to buy more colours after this but maybe a darker colour so I look for fierce and rock. haha.



  1. i pun suka gilaa nail polish ni btw. suka bila part nak peel tuh. HAHA nice colour btw!

  2. Love to use peel-off nail polish. Senang especially for muslims :)

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