New make up for raya

July 8, 2015

It may sound easier to blog everyday , but to me to keep in pace was quite harder. I am so sorry about that . I got so many things to share but I always always choose to lie comfortably on bed and sleep .. zzzzzz hehe . Anyway, it is okay , not everyday is a lazy day ..

By the way , coz it is not a lazy day for me so after me taking shower , I was sitting in front of this table, taking out every bit and pieces of make up that I have and play with them ! i was so exciting and playful . Talking alone like i was recording a video(in fact i was only talking to myself) , try new lippies that my friend give. So so so fun !

Ohh. Did I mention that I am not only got new lippies but new brushes, mascara, eyeshadows and etc? 
And all of it is from my friend. My youtube friend. My good youtube friend. May I add. 

Hah! Don't be suprise, she is not out of the blue giving all these presents to me but we are actually doing a swap.
Swap is a very famous youtube video idea. There are numerous swap video that u can watch in youtube. But to me, the most epic one is a swap from Nina Santiago to her friend. My friend introduced her to me and I quite like it..however we can see that she is rich so her swap was so bombastic. 
This is the video if you want to watch

Swap is basically give and take. We give gifts to others and they give back to us. But this swap video is only involved two people. The date for both of parties to send each of the gifts is set before they went for shopping. So that it will be easier to plan ahead. It is encourage to always exchanging interests and measurements so that everything we got is in correct size. Usually a swap has a budget, so that it would be fair to both of parties. For example, they set up a budget of Rm200. Then we can spend within the budget or beyond it. Some people love to shopping for others so they might be over budget. And that's okay as long as it is sincere :) 
For us, we set up the budget, but we are not very strict about here are some items that she got for me. The rest will be blogged in the future once the video of the swap is up in youtube this raya!! 


  1. Banyaknya. Macam boleh buat one makeup look dgn semua barang makeup tu. Hehe

    1. kannn . she got me so many make up products, mmg boleh buat make up look..

  2. wow, bestnye barang swap tu anys! I would really love to do a swap with anybody from the UK, US, India, Korea and Japan. They have kick-ass local brands that are waaaay cheaper over there

  3. byknye brg make up die.. :)

  4. salam perkenalan anis , bestlah baca blog anis krung boleh improve english hehe keep on writing =)

  5. Bestnyer...byknya brg make up..confirm meletop dipagi raya

  6. Glad that you like it dear friend. enjoy everything!! oh yea. jangan terkejut because i start blogging as well. HAHA

  7. untungnya! hehe btw, i like your blog layout, buat sendiri ke?


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