May Fly Again but not as a traveller :)

May 15, 2015

Banyaknya benda yang berlaku di minggu pertama masuk year 3 ni .. bukannya sibuk dengan belajar .. tapi sibuk dengan dunia .. wekkk

bila la agaknya semua ni akan settle .

aku ada beli Macbook from . I just paid deposit, about 35% from the price.This guy named Alex(Liat) live at Taiping but are studying at Kelana Jaya in music production course. He seems trustworthy but I am not sure till I get the Macbook this weekend insyallah. thing has been delayed and not according plan at all . I plan to go to Kelana Jaya to get it but cancel , he plan to post it but still cancel. and we plan to meet this saturday, I have no idea what the outcome but hopefully everything will be fine . He will go back from KL to Taiping this saturday , so still not sure either he will stop by Ipoh or I need to go to Taiping. I really hope he can stop by.
Then , because of this purchase , i have to really save up. I need to do it coz my bad and strong desire of getting macbook too early. but that's ok. I will try my best.

ok move on to study ..

 I may fly to India this September !!.. again , may fly .. not fully confirm coz we are waiting MMC approval. This is because supposely we have to go to Vinayaka for MBBS twinning programme. Supposed to be 2 years and a half at UniKL RCMP and the other 2 years and a half at Vinayaka,Tamil Nadu. but due to certain circumstances, the Vinayaka University did not respond to the college appeal. so we have put some much effort so that we can switch up from Vinyaka to other place but still in India.Or else we will continue our study as a local student. I have no problem with that, it may be a bit easier for medical student but I was just quite sad to dissapoint my family. That's it. Anyway, now problems are almost solved. not 100% confirm but insyallah . 
Before that, we have to learn tamil for two months at MSU,KL .

This sounds pretty exciting to me. Can't wait to explore new things, make new friends, meet a lot of people, taste and enjoy a new environment! yayyyy . omg omg , i am so exciting like I am going to explode. but again Anis, this is not 100% sure.

I may continue my MBBS twinning at Bangalore, India under MSU for another 2 years and a half.
and you know what,  I always hear people said Bangalore so I decided to google where is the Bangalore and how it looks like. 
and taraaaaaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To be honest , this is way too flourish than Vinayaka where i suppose to go. I know that Vinyaka is like a rural area, but I am ready for it coz I'll be there to help and to learn new things. I'll meet a lot of patient and corspe! I can surgery , I can do tons of thing which is great !! hehe

But now, everything has change . I once thought Allah want to give me a temporarily happiness of I'll be studying oversea one day but eventually I didn't go . but now , it is actually Allah arrange something so much better !! Thank you Allah. You always always help us. You always make me happy. Thank you so much for everything !! now I can wear braces at India (hoping it will be cheap)

;'( I hate this part :  Things that make me feel a bit strangle is MUET. I didn't get band 4 yet which is pretty embarassing and burdening. I have sat MUET for a few times for a same hope but never ever pass the line. Hopefully this will be the last. I always always says this .. which make me feel sick of saying it again.
Anyway, don't let MUET cause you headache. Put a bit more effort and there you go.

Family ? all are great! and in a great health. i just miss my grandpa. i miss him. i want to kiss his cheek for the last time once again.
Friend? so far fine kot. I was too sensitive after all.
Boyfriend ? are you reading this Mohamad Hafizal ? ? I love you forever after , insyallah.

Thanks God for everything. Praise to Him . Alhamdulillah. 


  1. Bangalore is such a great and pretty place. I never go there but my cousin is, so I know from her. anyway goodluck for you MUET. I hope things are going well for you. Ameen.

    1. thank you Tyka . that's right! my friends said that Bangalore is like KL, can't wait to go there , insyallah . hopefully I can score in Muet this time..

  2. Hopefully you can receive your macbook safely. :)

    1. Hi Hafizin , alhamdulillah I already received it , thank you for being caring

  3. Happy travelling soon. Hope u can get ur macbook soon. Btw, I already write about Acer laptop at my blog.

    1. hehe , insyallah ~ thank you! already received, i have checked it, awesome entry!

  4. waaah, bestnya India! just lately rase mcm nk pergi tengok India.. travel~ :D The college you're going to looks absolutely majestic in the picture! And ehem ehem, people in Bangalore don't look half bad *wink wink* Since you already have a bf, please introduce me to some good looking ones... :p

    Good luck in your MUET. Calm down and say Bismillah. Insyaallah you'll pass the Band 4 that's required.
    If you're free, do come by my blog.. :) And you can ask me anything (english lessons or etc) cz me & english, we go waaay back.. hehe.. only thing is that, I don't take TESL coz apparently I have no talent in teaching..haha

    1. jom pergi sama sama bulan tujuh ni jom . eheh . the pictures above is the tourist attraction at bangalore , not the college, hehe , I have not google yet the how the college looks like . nampak sangat nak travel je kan . haha! not problem aisyah, i can bring back more than one for you.

      thank you. i will try my best . i am so nervous, coz I feel like I didn't put any effort yet.
      Indeed .
      that's a brilliant idea ! i want online english lesson!

  5. Wow this place is incredibly amazing!! So you are a medical student right? I'm a doctor wannabe hehe. It's interesting to read all of the medical experienced on your blog. Keep sharing! :)

    1. great minds think alike ! yes , I am Dayana . That's great! Let's us cure the world. Hopefully I can keep on writing in this blog and inspire others to be a doctor too ^__^

  6. batch kawan2 akak yang ke india dah balik..
    the same twinning program i guess.. hehe gud luck..
    hope semua okay =D

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  8. Hi sis, nak tanya. how did u apply for mbbs unikl? result ?saya lepasan dr uitm diploma sc with cgpa 3.6.. agak2 unikl terima tak syg smbung belajar kat rcmp? hee.

    1. actually mine it was planned already by Mara to finish my foundation at KMKN then automatically enrolled at UniKl.. cgpa leboh 3.5 rasa nya boleh wak .. try laa.. boleh insyllah..

  9. Hye sis...I also get mara loans but at UniKL MIAT for one years preparation to Russia in engineering....but mostly boys take this course and I am a girl from science stream....I already done my muet and get band 3..Did u have any advice ???


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