L'oreal Total Repair (5) Shampoo and Conditioner

April 14, 2015

Look at this awesome packaging! Yayyy! Another gift from boyfriend ****opppsss****

Hye everyone . I am back with another review. ! I am so excited for this.But this time, it is neither a make up nor a skincare product. Don't be suprised I am reviewing hair care product (L'oreal Total Repair (5) Shampoo and Conditioner) , I won't show my hair of course , but I will share to you my experience and feeling about it.

Even though, we as a muslim needs to wear hijab, but I personally think that our hair is still our priority. You know that our hair can totally affect our personality and apperance. If you keep scratching your head like crazy because of dandruffs, people will look at you as a messy unsophisticated person. Same goes to when you have hair loss problem , and damage hair that eventually will create more problems to your hair.

Look at what in here ! Two little life savior been tight up with cute ribbon..So sexy mexy in red!
My daily shampoo is almost finished, so this two guys come in a right time.Yayyy

L'oreal Total Repair (5) range is specifically formulated for damaged hair, repairing and making it stronger and softer. It is for repairing powered with new active LAK1000 that can penetrate up to 10 layers deep of hair . It helps to reinforce damaged hair and strengthen hair fiber. On surface, the CERAMIDE a replica of hair's natural cement helps fill external cracks. So it's good to combats 1) breakage 2) dryness 3) dullness 4) coarseness and 5) split-end . The power of FIVE :)

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo
This shampoo smells amazing. It has fresh floral, watery and musky scent. I love the smells when I am using it but it become less scented after the wash . Anyway, my hair still smells good when I try to sniff it :D

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner

Damn Soft. The first words that come out from my mouth when washing my hair from this conditioner.. It feels so good and great .I am  happy to say that my hair loss problem was reduced after using both shampoo and conditioner. I didn't know why it sorted out so fast. and quite suprised, because this shampoo does not claim to reduce hair loss . ^?^

Both are 170ml

Like : After a week trying this product, I can really say that I am satisfied with the result. My hair wasn't tangled and it was soft and straight just like that even without comb my hair. I really really love this products! Now I already know why my friend's hair is always smooth,shiny and straight all the time.. she use Loreal too ! 

Dislike :  So far I just love the shampoo and conditioner.

Last but not least , I want to thank to Lion&lion for sending me this products,  I am very grateful for having another quality products from you . You guys are awesome! I always love how you wrapped and packed the products that you want to give. It feels like I was receiving a present from someone special. You guys are such a sweetheart ! Thank you again , Much love ! Muah !



  1. Wow, bestnya... Macam nak cuba je shampu jenama ni. Hehe

    1. Hihi. Best shampoo ni.. Try laa shampoo n the conditioner. Rambut smooth jee

  2. That was very nice of them to wrap them up in a very pretty box :)

    1. They're always very nice and lovely. I do appreciate it so much

  3. Bestnye dapat adiah. L'oreal lagi tu. Wuuu~ ^^
    Tahniah sis!

    1. Hehe. Thank you.. Trusted brand loreal. Alhamdulillah:)

  4. even wearing a hijab, hair is priority for women.... hehehehe.. org kata, rambut tu mahkota seorang perempuan. hehe.. ye ke.. lalallalaa. thank you for the review.. :D

    1. That is true babe! Hair is one thing apart from our skin. Take care of them properly okay.. :) you're welcome


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