The winner ~~

April 23, 2015

Hello everyone . I'm apologize for being such a lazy and busy girl recently.
Sorry for delay. I've been very very busy and so much thing has happened.
But now, I got time to relax and settle down what I have to settle .
I got a long list of things to do. Hopefully the positive and hardworking gene will be working well and properly so that I can make more posts after this. For your information , this is the winner for contest that was carried out in youtube. I have selected the winner for long ago but the only thing I need to do this , make a post. and I literally failed. When I got time, I forget and that was the way how this post only get out today,

Finally, i can make it ! and I am so excited to announce the winner. The prize i think you already know. but if you didn't, you may check them out in my video. I'm going to put them down below.

So, have you watch ?

Drumroll for the winner pleaseeeee !
This girl is so lucky ! She get a set of nice perfume and other extras.

and the winner goes to...........................................................

athira halim

Congratulation !! I already notify you in youtube by sending a private message. Do check them out quickly because I am so excited to post them to you and make you happy :D

For those who does win , it's okay. I will do more giveaway after this(insyallah) and you can try your luck again :) who know you will be the next winner to receive free bunch of things ^__________^ by the way, thank you so much for participating. I do appreciate all of you.

Love, Anys


  1. alaaaaa, tak tau pun ada buat ga, hehehe.. mohon buat lagi ya next time.. hehe.. :D
    Congrats pemenang.. :D

    1. hehe . lama jugak ga ni sampai awak smua tak perasan hehe. ok baby !

  2. Tahniah kepada pemenang. Sorry, SR tak tahu pulak anys ada buat giveaway and a vlogger. Kalau tahu, dah lama join. hehe. Btw, I'm going to subscribe you! hehe

    1. ^^, hehe sokeh SR ! huhu , yelaa , anis baru start vlogging je. thank you subscribe ! you made my day !

  3. Congrats to the winner! Let me informed when u're about to organize any contest on ur blog cause I feel like joining into it. ;)

    1. hehe . thank you Farra ! rasa best pulak ada orang nak join huhuhu okay of course :)

  4. I'm impressed with you because you have confidence to speak in or make videos.

    1. Haha. Not really.. But my passion has drive me to this,so I have to cut out a lot of things


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