I really feel like crying

April 9, 2015

Too fragile. That's me.. 

I don't know what to share but I really sad when I saw the name of the three winners of the Nuffnang Make Your Dream Smile Come True. I feel sad that I couldn't be one of them. I really wanted to have them too! ;(

Been waiting for a congratulation email these two days. But never got one. Now i know. I am not the winners. But hey, that's okay. Let's be realistic. This is not the end of the world! Don't just share sadness! Shares happiness too!! 

So for this month, i have received a few gifts from people in the internet! Thank you so much! This is one of the happiness that I could share with you. i am happy and I hope you're also happy reading this ! 


  1. selamat malamm :) syira jenjalannn sini sementara cuti midsem..hehee

  2. Insya Allah ada rezeki di tempat lain. Don't be too sad yeah :)

  3. Tak pe nanti boleh cuba lagi. jangan sedih sedih

  4. Alolo, takmau sedih-sedih k? InsyaAllah, ada rezeki kat tempat lain. Bestnya dapat gifts, banyak pulak tu. hehe

  5. oohh, ni ke sebab anys rasa nak nangis tuu.. tak apa, tak apa, maybe ad yg lebih baik menanti di hadapan... KEEP SMILING YA...


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