My Outfit of the night


Ha ini dia , kita berstyle Hana Tajima sikit posingnya. 
My outfit at that night. Cuma nak bagitahu beg Bonita baru dari bestfriend ku! Terima kasih sayang..

I was just hanging out with my friends at Bandar Ipoh depan stesen kereta api at that night.
Playing with bubbles , taking pictures, recording slow-mo videos, it was so fun !
We were enough with laughing, watching street band performance until late night, go back and sleep.
Perfect end of the day.

Hey , some information about my outfit
Just want to share with you if you keen to know.

Batwing : from @retroretrocantique
Skirt : from Echa
Sling bag : Bonita store
Black bawal scarft : di pinggiran jalan

Monster of night, fresh from her mansion at the back