One million hits (One more hundred views)

Hello everybody ! I imagine I am talking to you in front of the camera right now , because I'm thinking of opening a youtube channel but I really don't know why , what , where and is it worth to ?

Because I think you people know that youtuber put a lot of hardwork in making their videos. As from a video that I watched before this , she said that she spent many hours filming and editing a single video, And if it for fame and money, she encourages not to do it.

Well , obviously my first reason that pop out in my mind is I want to gain extra money . However, as per advice, I take that into consideration and erase the intention of getting famous and rich my starting a youtube channel.

But still I keep the second thought of starting it with the reason of sharing my passion, Share things that I love, things that I bought and maybe some honest tips and experiences that I have. But when my third thought comes, it sounds like this ''you can do all that my blogging.#fullstop'' . Opening another channel is just another responsibility to take.

Quite a long introduction , typing without thinking ,then it so out of the track. I feel like i want to write  a long but quick post before the 1 million views has reached ! 

Wowwwww,can you feel the vibes?because I am super excited, vivacous, in a bed of roses that I knew in anytime my blog would has that big value hits.

Oh my god ,This is such a huge achievement that I have been waiting for a long time.. It takes many years to be in this stage. and I am absolutely no one is this blogging era.

Thank you blogger friends, readers, and stalkers if I have one , thank you so much for viewing and reading my entry !

I hope that I could be better blogger in the future. I'm thinking of some niches for my blog , maybe beauty , maybe personal life , education of even all ! I'm not decide it yet. The time will come but before that , I guess I would blog randomly and hopefully you'll love that guys.

Thank you again for being with me all this time. Appreciate it so much!

Much kisses,