Cabaran 30 hari : Sejauh mana pendidikan itu penting bagi anda

Day7 : Sejauh mana pendidikan itu penting bagi anda

I have 3 more challenges to complete so my day challenge would be same with other.
I am really sorry because I am slow at updating the challenge,it's look like my own challenge that I can do anything I want. No ! It's not like that.

As for me , education is extremely important because of a few reasons .

First , it is for a bright future for everyone. The one who can utilise the knowledge that he or she learn will success one day and I can guarantee that the person will not even one second regretting the past that he or she struggle so much to learn .

Apart from that , as a Muslim, we should explore the world and the nature . It is our responsibilities to handle and taken care of.
The nature is given for us to utilise, appreciate and learn. Even first surah that was recited to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w was Iqra'. ''Bacalah''

Knowledge is wide. It is not necessarily Biology,Mathematics or Chemsitry.It could be cooking,driving and other practical knowledge !

I couldn't imagine what happen if everyone not look the education as a vital matter.
That's all :)



  1. Hello! Pretty blog you have here. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know at my blog. Keep in touch.

    Shikin Kikin |

  2. Hi..baru follow ur blog...sudi2lah join giveaway blog azie :)

  3. ilmu tu mmg penting dlm kehidupan..
    jadi jika dpt berpeluang belajar tu, gunakan peluang tu sebaik mungkin

  4. setuju! knowlegde is wide, bukan sekadar ilmu pada buku, ilmu tentang life pon penting jugak!!!

  5. Betuul tuu. Macam essay spm pulakk. Islam pun suruh kita tuntut ilmu sejak kecil lagiibkann. ^^

  6. True!~ :D Tanpa ilmu, macam manalah kita dapat main internet macam sekarang kan~ Hehe. :p