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September 8, 2014

Day 4: buku kegemaran

Well, when I read the title, I'm not sure what I'm going write,because to be honest,I am absolutely not a bookworm and not a person who read books or novels unless for study (for sake of pass in the exam). ;p

But I'll try my best to think what I had read for a few years back.

Not a joke, but
It's Doraemon!!!

Yeaaaah!! Doraemon. A fat blue cute cat with advance electronic gadget in his pocket.

Suddenly, I miss Doraemon, so childish, but so indulge with comics. I once felt like I was in another world.

This is the only book that I can call as my favourite apart from academic books ;p

I never read a novel, neither in English nor Malay. That's the reason why I can't find my favourite books.
I find it difficult to finish 300 pages book.(but I have to train myself to read novel,-just for my english and writing skills.insyallah.

weeeeee, terasa kebudak budakkan habis !


  1. Hahaha. Okay kita bookworm. Semua buku sapu baca. Hahaha. Tpi lately macam malass nak buku..hahaha. Aina lebih suka komik conan. XD


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