Cabaran 30 hari : 5 lagu cinta kegemaran anda

September 14, 2014

Day 8 : 5 lagu cinta kegemaran anda

Wow. I am basically a loser I guess.
Failed to carry out this 30 challenge everyday. :(

But It's okay It's alright .
At least at last, I did it. 
Better late than never. 

Here are the list 

1. Cinta Mekar di Hati

2. You Belong with Me

3. My heart will go on

4. Ma boy

5. Listen

I love to sing a lot of songs so I guess that are my favourite but all of these are randomly cross my mind right now :)


  1. You belong with me, taylor swift kan? Sedap kot lagu tuh. :D

  2. Ikut sempat je, faham masing2 sibukkan.. KM pun terlepas sehari..

  3. Okay kita minat you belong with me je.hehehe.

  4. Semua tak pernah dengar. :p Post video sikit~ :D


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