Cabaran 30 hari | Day 2- 5 cara memenangi hati saya

September 7, 2014

Since I have a lot more challenge to do to synchronise with the current day of other blogger challenge which is day 6 already,so I have to make this post quick and sweet ;) .

I am not a fussy person, as I stated in day 1, I am a type of person who easily smile, so this type of person must be easily entertained.

Yes.that's true for me.
But,it is completely different to tackle my heart for boys and girls.
But here are the list.

1. Smile will do. -both
Yes,,I love people who would smile sincerely when met others

2.Treat me with food -both
Lalalalala.. I love eating.

3.Give me attention -both
Which girl doesn't love attention?

4.Gossip with me - girls
When girls are gossiping,they share more similarities.Plus! Easy to mingle

5.Take me out - boys
I love travelling! and explore something new. I would be a memory if someone introduce me something new! new place,new games,new hobby. I am flexible ;D

Nah, enough with my ridiculous facts. Bye2


  1. Smile ni pembukaa bicara kann. Hehehe. Walaupu. Tak pernah jumpa.. Bila jumpa.. Senyum kita rasa orang tu sngt baik.hehe


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