Cabaran 30 hari | 1 Gambar terbaru dan 5 fakta tentang diri anda

September 6, 2014

                                  Cabaran 30 Hari Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari

5 facts about me

This is my first post for this challenge.
 I wish I could finish all the 30 challenges that are assigned to #kelasbenashaari.
Supposely, today is the fifth day of the challenge already, but unfortunately I just know it today. I actually have stumbled the title of 'Cabaran 30 hari' a few times but I just not really interested to click the link, but finally some bloggers' post do win my heart.

First of all, I would like to ask for permission to carry out this challenge in English. This is obviously not because I am good at it but vice versa.
I need to improve my english urgently ;)

Lemme tell you some facts about me. #ifyouwanttoknow

1.My full name is Anis Nadhilah bt Abd Rahaman. Anis for short .

2.I am a perfume lover,kind of obsess and dream to have an expensive perfume that I know I wouldn't buy it because hey,there are so much inexpensive perfumes that smell magnificent!

3.I am an approachable person. I am easily smile, easily be entertained, easily feel happy , easily get hurt. hehe
I am flexible. I will do all the things that my dad ask.(well,most of all)

4.I am stubborn sometimes, but usually with something I don't like. I would stand my right if I think it is not good.(oh yeah?I can't think the example when is the last time I've been stubborn)
 but I can change my mind easily.
I easily get influences. I easily get inspired.

5.I love my family so much! I am very afraid of losing them.I want them to stay with me through out of my life.That's why I think the faith has decides for me to get a future husband that living near to my house at Kedah. so that,I can always meet my family ;')

Only 5 simple facts ! easy! hehe.
More new pictures over here...


  1. Akak pun join. Baru first day? Good luck kak.

  2. Woahh. Kaki selfiiee. Kena tambahh tuu.bhehehe. hai my name nur aina hanis. Aina for short. Hahhaah. (*^ワ^*)


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