Cabaran 30 hari : Apa yang anda makan hari ini

Apa yang anda makan hari ini

Just a simple answer isn't it?

in the morning,I ate a bread with the butter and sugar smear onto it.

Then I just have a candy during the class.

In the afternoon, I ate nasi+ikan keli goreng+air asam with plain water.

then i just have one piece of keropok in the evening.

I feel very fit and hungry today as I only eat little food ;( I dont like the kind of irritating feeling in my stomach..

but... as the night comes.
I ate everything that I could until I was about to vomit! seriously! ..I feel regret of eating so much ;( All ruggaes in my stomach strecthed !

What I ate were
Moon cake
Cheese cake
Chocolate cake
Marble cake
Limau Bali
Kueyteaw Sup + extra daging
Teh ais

source : uncle google.


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  2. Salah masuk blog pulak pagi2 nii. Sobbb. Meleleh tekak habis dah tegokk nii. TnT