First time dapat cek dari Nuffnang !

August 9, 2014

Assalamualaikum !
I just deposit my very first cheque that I've received from Nuffnang about a month ago! very down-to-date haha.

I am very happy since this is my first cheque from Nuffnang. Though it is a small value but it really means a lot to me.
I start blogging in 2010 and I got about Rm115 in 2014.
Collecting Rm115 was hard to me since it took approximately 4years. Wow !!

Anyhow,I am very gratefull for what I've got. Haiyou,this reward has boosted my spirit to be more frequent updating this blog..

Thank you Nuffnang!


  1. that's good to hear :} congrats and all the best girl~! <3 *wink*

  2. congrats.. rezeki tu.. nilai tu agak besar jugak tu...

  3. sama la kita dik.blogging lame dah tp lalala..cput tol nufnangnye.ngeee...

  4. Tudia 4 yearss? Huahh. T.T kalau aina biar dia berkepuk dalam tuu. Haha


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