A pair of tickets to Premiere Screening of INTO THE STORM to be given by me ( Nuffnang winner)


Good news ! I am one of the Nuffnang's winner ! yeayy . hihi .
but I also have a good new to you .
read more okkayyyy .........

Hello and Assalamualaikum

Recently,I am very lazy to check my email as I have nothing to do with it.
but tonight I have instinct that I want to at least have a glance to my email.

I skim and scan one by one the emails in my inbox, and most of my emails are from spammers,scammers, which I hate the most because they make my inbox become messy then I would have difficulty in tracing an important email, which maybe were sent by my collegemates or other bloggers.


I was flabbergasted when I noticed a newsletter from Nuffnang. but at first,I don't want to read that email because I thought it is just an ordinary newsletter but my thumb accidentally clicked on the email .Plus, in my mind,I also want check out what's on going in Nuffnang that they are sending me a newsletter. but actually I dont want to read. I hope you understand what I meant.

I was really suprised when I read the email.. I was invited to Premiere Screening of Into the Storm movie. I really really want to watch this movie since I want to know how they handle the situation of tornadoes plus it would be my first time attending a premiere screening. I also plan to watch the movie after it is released in 7 August soon..
Luckily I got a pair of tickets to the premiere screening. So happy!
but unfortunately, 1 Utama is quite far from Ipoh. so I cannot attend to this premiere.

In conjuction with that, I would like to offer to any bloggers who can attend to this premiere this Tuesday night. You can bring your friend along as there are two tickets given.

So if any of you interested, do email me at hellokittyholics@yahoo.com before 3 August.
I will wait. Thank youu and enjoy the premiere!!


  1. da emel. kalu x jumpa cari kt spam ye

  2. Wow.. dapat gi premiere screening.. lucky you :) saya pun jauh. Kalau x, nak jugak.. hehe


    INSYA ALLAH SY AKN WAT REVIEW...sbb nk join next contest