August Wish Challenges

August 2, 2014

I have a wishlist. not really a wishlist but more to a challenge. Or should I say wish challenges. Something that I want to do but a bit hard to make especially for a lazy lady like meh.

But this time wish challenges are about blog.

The challenges

  • Reply 40 recent comments to the blogs who has commented in my post

  • Make a review on all cosmetic products that I usually use
Loreal Perfect 10 day cream ✅
Dollywink liquid black eyeliner ✅
Nyx Lip Smooth Matte Cream ✅
Night cream from Amyera beauty
Dollywink Eyeshadow pallete
Mascara from Loreal

  • Try to update consistently at least one post everyday

Well this is my first time have a spirit to update frequently since few years back.
Before this,I would expect few comments on my post before I would update new entry ,but now, I thought readers are more important than commentors. Though commentors are actually preferable.but it's okay.
bcoz when you have readers then sometimes they would also leave a sweet and lovely comment.

I always check my post views recently, though it was not a lot but at least you give a traffic . hihi. Besides my aim to establish my blog as a personal blog but I also want to help nuffnang by bring people to see their adsvertisement on blog too. so I got some pocket money. It does help me a lot as a student.That's all!!
Do have any new wish challenge in August?


  1. Wish you luck 😊

  2. thank youu.. I havent started yet. so sadd !


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