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June 24, 2014

I know I know I cannot upload all my pictures taken during last weekend on the Instagram . 
but luckily I have another platform that allow me to share my momentous pictures here . 
This post woud be crowded with selfie and shared happiness, so BEWARE ! >.<

I did not really realize that Ipoh has too many places to cover , espcially to a nerdy person like meh (hey I'm not nerd though I am medical student ;p)
I were really happy though it is a really hot day, if you are Ipoh citizen you should go visited this place early before lumut start creating their own art <3


ta ! onnu , rendu , nalu

daeyyyy machaaaa , kamcing betul, siap nak ketuk kepala aku

shut up and see :D
tadi tak serious , sekarang serious okayyyyy :D

sedihnya nak balik dah ..

sebelum balik , ice kepal dulu . RM3 each , mahal kan ? :(

asalkan boleh hidup menda sejuk-sejuk , mahal pon bantal je laaaa

Last sekali isi perut anje I ni dengan Spicy Chichken Tomyam at Black Canyon !
mmmmmmmmmmm yummmy yumm yummm :D


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