L'oreal White Perfect Total 10 All-in-One Whitening Day Cream Review

June 22, 2014

I always want a flawless skin , no acne , no scars, no dark spots.
There is always envy in myself when I look people face who is very flawless and white !
What a gift they had.
Though I am a little bit jealous, but I am grateful enough with my skin.
There are always ways out to a problem.
Just do not be stress and solve it professionally.

                     L’OrĂ©al Paris White Perfect Total 10 Day Cream Moisturizer (50ml)

A few days ago, I have received L'OREAL PERFECT 10 from Loreal Team & Lionandlion.com.
I am flatter because this Loreal Perfect 10 has not launching yet and I am one of the first people who has the
golden oppurtunity to try an review this product.(I'm not sure either it has been launched or not but no commercial on TV are seen)
I've been invited to the blogger tea party on 28June2014 too at 1 Utama.
Unfortunately, I cannot attend the party because of the distance.

As I walk through the mall last weekend, I've keep an eye to the Loreal brand and I not found this type of product.
But what I found were...

just a prove that this product is still new :D
p/s ni sepatutnya entry bulan May ritu tau !
sekarang ni dah nampak advertisement L'oreal product ni kat mana2. haha.
I am so sorry for the late review :( but really I'm still using this product. love it every bits !

After I received this parcel , excitement growa and I just can't wait to give it a try !

These are what are L'oreal White Perfect Total 10 All-in-One Whitening Day Cream magical inventions promise
  • Instant glow 
  • Fairer skin 
  • Even tone 
  • Anti-dark spots 
  • Anti-shine effect  
  • Anti-pollution 
  • Anti-UVA 
  • Anti-UVB
  • Anti-oxydation
  • Anti-oiliness effect
L'oreal Paris White Perfect 10 Total Whitening Day Cream came with 10 benefits for our skin It is equipped with SPF30 PA+++ making it a reliable day cream for us to wear during the day time without worrying of sunburn. This day cream claims to help our skin with brightening which includes gives an instant glow,evening the tone , giving instant brightening effect, reducing darkness on skin, and eventually makes our skin looks fairer . 

My Review

As I have been using this whitening cream for almost 2-3 weeks already,I can tell that this product really makes different on my skin. The oiliness of my face has slightly reduced and my acne scar seems fade day by day . This cream is also handy and gives me an instant brightening effect so that I always bring only thisSPF30 PA+++whitening cream everywhere . But I not just using this L'oreal day cream , I also use night cream and cleanser for other brand.


The cream's texture is fairly lightweight
I can blend it easily and absorbs quickly.
The cream is pink-purple in colour so it ready to cover any redness on my face.
It also has a very nice light smell. I really love to apply it on my face as I can apply it thoroughly as quickly as 10 seconds. Voila !
Besides that, I love how classy and simple the packaging is. It has a secure cap and a pump to dispense the cream which is very hygienic !
Oh ya the most important thing is that L'oreal White Perfect Total 10 does not cause any break out which I know Asian people afraid the most in trying any skin care products :D

#no filter only baby johnson talcum powder and Loreal White Perfect Total 10.
My acne scars really fade off.


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