Belog Medicowesome : Belog best untuk mengaji

Salam .

I feel like I want to share something that really usefull and inspiring to me.

I think it would be really  usefull to Medic student too .
because she wrote about medical stuff and do mnemonic.

I love it because she helps me to memorize things that I should memorize in medical subjects easily .

Who is she ? She is the owner of Medicowesome (please have a visit)

The mnemonics that she made inspired me to do mnemonics too . But I just can't .
Do you know what mnemonics is ??

ha ni lah dia . best kan cara dia belajar . 
nampak macam dia betul-betul enjoy.
hopefully aku pon macam ni . 

how bout you ? Do u enjoy your study time? 
p/s aku enjoy baucer buku jekk . heheehe


  1. pehh.. bagusnye.. kot iz.. hitam ngn biru je nota.. hahaha

  2. perghh warna warni..suka 2 colour je.. xD