Berakhirmya tahun pertama perubatan di RCMP 2013/2014

April 29, 2014

Hai  I'm back . okay lets bear with it . every time I write a post i would greet you like i never wrote for a year .
 that was the truth somehow
I would love to share momentous moments in my life in this lovely blog . Am I sound so lame .?
but that's it .

Lets start with how my First Year in Medical school final examination ended. (16/4/2014)

Actually that is the main point of this post.

My exam was three consecutive days with three different types of paper. First day MEQ(scariest paper ever) ,
 followed by OSPE and EMQ .
i can't describe much about OSPE, or OSCE  i dont know which one to call .
well that OSPE/OSCE really makes me down even MEQ already spoiled my thought and mood because
i can't even answer the easiest BMI question. I still confused by the range of the BMI because it just not fixed.
Eventually i just answer it according to my own range . and I dont know what the examiner thought when he's marking my paper.
but I was not feeling good .

I also have it wrong on many few easy questions because of confusion in the examination hall and much more .
and I realize that  I was the one who I had to put this blame on.

back to my OSPE, same thing ..
I just can't answer a few types of questions and the worst were my interactive skill and communication skill station.
Hell i just can't looked it backward . I feel lame ! LAMEST EVAAA .

You don't know how to handle a thermometer? Are you seriousss??? Ahhhhhh .
malu campur hina campur rendah campur teruknyaa aku..
Akuuu .. medic student .. oucchhhhh . that's hurt man when patients laugh over you. !

When I think it back , relax little baby , you are just Year One student.
You've not been exposed to handle a patient yet . :D
even we have being taught on how to handle the thermometer. :P

Okay let's end this bedtime sad story with the result . it actually a day after the 3 days examination ended.
I got to say this with smile from ear to ear :)

 ohhh thank youuu so much

i never taught of this . never think that this is possible .

em actually i dream higher . but when i think it back. how i can be top 10 . there are so many genius people to fight with.
And I'm not aiming to fight with people . this is true .

i just want to get the best out of mine .

my self . not others .

but i just proud of myself . I made it . I made it . I just  one of the top 20.(out of 160)
 or can i make it less . TOP 15 . lesser . TOP 12 .

and I am at the twelveth position . I just proud with it :D i think it is miracle .

Self reminder : It's just a number :)

A miracle given by Allah . Alhamdulillah :)

I dont know i still can manage to be top 12 on the next year or not,
but just let it be. IF I were good enough I would .

If vice versa , Allah knows the best :D

I just think that , if i could answer better than what I've answered, would I be the top 10 ?
say no IF .

coz if you answer bad than what u've did, u might not even be the top 12.

all have been decided . accept it with open heart . Alhamdulillah

Apa apa pun , aku bersyukur sangat . yang  paling penting semua housemates aku lepas .
 and tu adalah salah satu doa aku sebab aku taknak tengok anyone of them crying on that day.
actually aku pon takut fail jugak  well nothing impossible . remember ?

Through out the year,setiap EOM, aku score seventy ke atas. kecuali HIGO.
and It was not easy to get it you know. all hardwork would give you that.

Remember Anis , HardWork+Rezeki = All is well <3 
Usaha daripada diri sendiri
Rezeki daripada Allah :D


  1. tahniah

    moga perjalanan hidup anda seceria anda ..hihihi

  2. Hi assalamualaikum. Dulu anis dari pasum kan? oh skrg sambung unikl rcmp ek? Ok tak situ? If i request you to blog about medic rcmp, would like to post about it? i would love to know it since i'm eager to continue RCMP medic after my foundation. Thanks :')

  3. Hey wasalam aquila . yup that's true. sure . but what kind of things that you'd like to know ? the environment or wht ?

  4. @Nys Anis i would like to know the environment, lesson system+lecturer, the campus. Haaa sorry if it is too much. Or anything that you would like to add. finally found one of RCMP medic student :)Yr update are highly appreciatable! tq<3

  5. sure @Aquila Nara ! Insyallah i'll try my best <3 btw I've make this post before . feel free to read :D

  6. salam, hi :) saya pun lepasan asasi and berminat nak further RCMP.boleh tau tak requirement before masuk sini and serba sikit berkaitan RCMP ni :)

    1. hai syema . I already blogged about that. You can check my entry :D

  7. salam.hi! saya pun berminat nak further degree medic dekat RCMP ni.kalau tak keberatan,boleh tak share sikit requirement nak masuk sana and apa apa info yang berguna berkaitan RCMP :)

    1. here is the link syema


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